The Tale of Phardaxia....

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The Tale of Phardaxia....

Postby Phardaxia » Fri Aug 08, 2003 2:06 pm

All beginings, have beginings....

The tale of Kaleedra and Phardax:
Kaleedra was no ordinary woman. She was born into a line of great clerics. From the moment she was born it was rumored that she was the “Holy Mother” or the chosen one. The sages said she would be the particular cleric that would be part of the “great circle”, a group that would deliver Albion from the wretched hordes of the Hibernians and Midguardians.

After her birth, Kaleedra was taken from her family in Cotswold village, to a secret location in Snowdonia by a collective of female clerics called the “Order of Life”. Their charge was to protect the Holy Mother from all harm and influence. She was taught every aspect of the healing arts but learned nothing of the outside world. Her identity and her role in the prophecy was kept secret, for everyone knew that if the Hibernians or Midguardian’s knew of her existence, she would be slain.

While taking in the air one day, walking along a familiar stream, a band of Trolls came upon Kaleedra. They grabbed her and tied her to a tree. A small blue creature came from the shadows. He was not dressed like the trolls, not in any of their clunky armor, but in softer armor that was almost non-existent. He seemed to float toward Kaleedra. He looked her up and down and sneered, “Let us teach the Albions a lesson they will not soon forget. Torture her.. I will drink my mead from her skull” With that he disappeared back into the shadows.

The trolls laughing in pleasure broke both of her legs and ripped a wound across her mid section and decided to let her bleed to death.
“Mez tink she lik mez…” said the one troll as he spat on her. “Wez wait till she gitz all da bluds out, den wez can cuk’er n eat’er”
They watched in anticipation as Kaleedra lay there dying, as each drop of blood flowed from her body. Kaleedra cried. “Why do you want to harm me? I have done nothing to you…” Being the beasts they were the trolls did not care about Kaleedra’s pleas.

“Less go kil dem albs fer a whilz an comz back when she dedz..” howled the one Troll. “Urrr… jez… mez git biginz hunry afta mez kill dem albs… less goz” and with that the horde left Kaleedra there, hanging.

Kaleedra, being one with the healing arts, delayed her death, hoping someone from the Order would find her. After three days, the band of trolls returned, bruised, battered and hungry. They found Kaleedra to their surprise, still alive. They decided they would wait no longer for their food. The lead troll raised his mighty battle-axe above his head. He looked down at the helpless Kaleedra and chuckled, “Mez gonna eat ju fer da din din” and started his down swing.

Kaleedra closed her eyes and prayed the gods be merciful on her. Just then an arrow pierced through the lead trolls head, killing him instantly.
The other trolls quickly rose up looking around for where the arrow came from. Then in a flurry of light; fire, ice and earth attacked the trolls.
A blurred figure sprang into the troll camp at an enormous speed, hacking and slicing his way through the trolls. It was god’s warrior himself, a paladin. His sword glowed with a blue hue as if some magical fire was guiding his blade through the trolls.
Kaleedra saw the blue creature again suddenly appear from the shadows behind the mighty Paladin.
“BEHIND!” she cried as loud as she could, but it was too late. The blue creature sank his envenomed blade deep inside the paladin. The paladin fell. The blue creature smiled, retrieved his blades from the back of the paladin, and then looked toward Kaleedra. “Heh… your next” and started walking toward the helpless girl.
Kaleedra, saddened by the death of the paladin knew she could not let this be. She closed her eyes and started her incantation. The blue creature just chuckled and walked calmly toward her.
The blue creature grabbed her by the hair and raised her head to the sky, exposing her neck.
“Did you really think your little spell could effect me young one?”
Kaleedra, with a tear, “it wasn’t a spell for you…”
“Oh..really… then who was it for?” the blue creature snarled.

Then Kaleedra noticed a surprised look on the blue creatures face, and then a large piece of metal protruding from his chest.
“It was for me..” the paladin whispered into the creature’s ear as it died.

Kaleedra smiled and then fainted from the pain and the fatigue from the ordeal.

She awoke in a strange place. Sitting next to her was the paladin she had helped save her.

“Good morning M’lady” he said softly.
“Good morning m’lord” she returned.
“Ah… please.. call me Phardax!”
“Yes, sir Phardax..”
“No… for you just Phardax.”
“Ok m’l… um. Phardax.”
“What were you doing in that wretched area of the world?” Kaleedra tried to prop herself up, winced in pain, and sank back down “just walking… Thank you for saving me.”
“Tis nothing m’lady… I am just glad I found you in time.”
“Kaleedra” she said and smiled.
“Huh?” Phardax said not knowing what she meant.
“That’s my name… I am Kaleedra.”
Phardax presenting himself to her, “It is a privilege to meet you, Kaleedra.”
“Where am I?” she said looking around the room at the strange surroundings.
Stunned, “why Camelot, m’lady.”

“Camelot?” Kaleedra paused as if trying to remember, “Where is that?”
Astonished, “ um… well it’s is the place that King Arthur built.”
“Who is Arthur?” Kaleedra said confused.
“My word, have you lost your memory? Arthur… the great king… the savior of us all.”
Kaleedra looking down puzzled, “ I have been in that wretched place all my life.”
Phardax grabs Kaleedra’s hand, comforting her, “You poor thing… there are much better places then that in our kingdom.”
Looks fondly to Phardax. “Will you show me?”
“I would be honored.” Phardax said with a smile.

Phardax showed Kaleedra all around the kingdom. Their love for each other grew. One passionate night on the shores of the glass isle they made love. In the morning they awoke to a beautiful sunset.

“I have never known the touch of a man before” Kaleedra smiles, holding Phardax.
Phardax got up and stared sadly at the distant sky.
“I feel as though I have wronged you Kaleedra…but my love for you is so great…” he said saddened.
In a comforting voice, “my poor Phardax, what troubles you so?”

Phardax sat down and looked deeply into Kaleedra’s eyes “I am in line for our throne…” pauses “I am betrothed to another….as our ways demand… A princess”
Sadly but understanding, “would you rather be with her?”

“Nay, I would rather spend eternity in Darkness Falls, then to be without you.”
“Is there no way you can be with me, and your throne?” Kaleedra questioned.

“Aye, but it is a dangerous way.” Thinks to himself. “But I shall do it for you.”

“I do not want you to risk your life just to be with me, I cannot live without you.” She grabs his chest and embraces it.

Looks down to her and smiles, “without you, there would be no life.”
They laid there the rest of the day in each other’s arms.

The next day a meeting was called at the round table. All of the sages and the knights of the land came to bear witness to the events.

Phardax stood in front of the gathering and the crowd was hushed.
“Hail to all that join us today... I have called you all together in accordance with tradition to tell you all that I have fallen in love.” The crowd cheered.

“And the princess will make a fine queen.” A knight yelled from the back.
Phardax looked down and smiled slightly, “ alas… it is not the princess.”
He motioned to the guard. The guard opened the door and Kaleedra walked through it.

Gasps were heard from around the hall. A knight began to speak.
“My lord, but… you know what this means?” he said frightened.

“Aye…but sometimes the bravest knights cannot slay the dragon of love.” Phardax chuckled.
Another knight rose to speak, “this witch has enchanted you…” he yelled angrily and drew his sword.

“Stay your blade, the only enchantment she is guilty of, is be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in all of these lands.” Phardax said sternly, then warmly smiled at the knight.

An old sage got up to speak. “ My lord… this path you have chosen,” paused and looked at Kaleedra, “though it be unwise to travel, is painfully clear. To be able to keep your lordship and…and..”

“Kaleedra..” Phardax said.

Smiled, “ah yes.. the most beautiful Kaleedra. You must quest for the Cup of Unity. Only when you both drink from it will you be able to be together.” The sage looked over all the faces gathered, then to Kaleedra. “Do you accept this quest, Lord Phardax?”

Phardax closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. He looked at Kaleedra’s beautiful face as it caught the sunlight from the window. “Aye… how could I not?” Then in a more noble, louder voice, “I accept this quest.”

The sage nodded, “then we will prepare for your departure in the morning. May god, and King Arthur’s spirit be with you.”

The assembly emptied with many moans and grumbles until it was only Phardax and Kaleedra left in the hall.

Kaleedra came over and grabbed Phardax’s hand, “what is this quest they speak of?”

Phardax smiled comforting to Kaleedra, “it is a very dangerous quest…one that no one has returned from.” Phardax looked away distantly out the window.
Kaleedra thought to herself, then noticed Phardax was in some other place, “do not go then… I do not want to loose you.”

“If I don’t go, you will loose me.” Saddened.

Kaleedra cried in panic, “let us just leave… we can go away where no one will find us.. and live happy together… forever!”

Smiled warmly at Kaleedra, “As much as I love you, I also love the people of this land. I could not so much as leave them as I could leave you.” Phardax paused, “No, I must do this…”

Kaleedra cried, “ and what if you don’t come back..”

“God will not let me fail this task, for he knows how much I love you and how much our people need a king. It has been so long since Arthur… we need a leader and if I back away now… I fear we may never have one.”

Kaleedra nodded, wiped away her tears and held Phardax.

“Come, let us rest this evening for I have to leave in the morning…”

The next morning, Phardax left Kaleedra with a wave and a smile. She watched him ride into the distance and then broke down into tears.

A week went by and Kaleedra waited for any news about her beloved Phardax. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Kaleedra sprung up and ran to the door.

“Phardax… my love. You have returned.” Kaleedra said as she threw open the door.

Standing there was Mother Nole. Head of the “Order of Life”.

“Hello Kaleedra..” she said sternly.
“Muh-Mother Nole… how did.. umm…” Kaleedra stammered.
“How did I find you? Well it wasn’t hard being the love interest of the ‘would be’ King.” Nole said sarcastically.
Kaleedra looked down to the floor.

“You must return with me…” Nole said abruptly.
“I cannot… and do not…”
Nole interrupted, “you have more significance with your life then this. If you throw your destiny away we will all be lost.”

Kaleedra angered, “I don’t want your destiny. I want my life and my husband…”

“Your husband is dead.” Nole said with no emotion.

Kaleedra looked at Mother Nole is disbelievement. “You lie!”

“You know I am not… search your heart. Use your gifts.. you know it to be true.”

Kaleedra started crying. “No! It can’t be… please…” and went into a hysterical fit.

Nole grabbed Kaleedra trying to comfort her, “ there child… you are meant for more then the life as a wife. You must return with me before they find he is dead.”

Kaleedra looked to Mother Nole, “why?”

“They will think you bewitched him and they will hate you for that… they will come for you…they will make you pay for his life with your own.”

Kaleedra broke away, “then let them come…I don’t want to live anyway…”

Mother Nole smiled, “Aye your love is true and it would be easier to let them take your life, but what of your child’s life?”

Kaleedra turned and looked at Mother Nole and then to her abdomen. “You mean…”

“Yes my dear…you are pregnant.”

Kaleedra composed herself and started gathering her things, “yes.. I must leave. Phardax will live in our child. If it is a boy he will carry his fathers name…”

Mother Nole interrupted, “Our kind can only have girls Kaleedra, it is the way…”
“Then Phardaxia…she will still have the name of her father..” Kaleedra said proudly.

Kaleedra quickly gathered her things and left that night. The news arrived the next day of Phardax’s death. All of Albion was in mourning. They searched the lands for Kaleedra but she could not be found. She went back with her order to Snowdonia.

The order was in a quandary. The prophecy stated that the chosen cleric would be chaste and not bear any children. They were reading ancient scrolls and consulting sages as to why this fact had not been revealed. It took them 8 months to uncover the “An-car” an ancient text written just after time existed. It stated that a cleric would be thought of as the “Holy Mother”, however this cleric will fall from grace and give birth to the one true Holy Mother, and join the chosen circle.

This mother of the chosen was Kaleedra. The order anxiously awaited the birth of the new baby. The order felt it would be better if Phardaxia was separated from her mother at birth and taught the ways of healing and prepare her for her destiny without any distractions. They had prepared to take Phardaxia at the moment of her birth.

Kaleedra was in labor for an entire week. Finally Phardaxia was born. Kaleedra knew something was wrong. The order had all become pale and were in a state of shock.

Then angry mumbles began amongst some of the mothers.
“A boy? This cannot be…only women can be born into this order…it is an abomination” Mother Tare exclaimed.

Kaleedra cried, “He is not an abomination.. give him to me..”

Mother Nole grabbed Phardaxia, and looked down at Kaleedra, “ no… he will be banished… this child cannot live.”

Kaleedra started crying.. “WHY?” another of the order came and casted a spell putting Kaleedra to sleep.

“Mother Zea, please take this child to the barons and feed him to a beast.” Mother Nole commanded.

Mother Zea grabbed the child and wrapped him in his birth cloth his mother had made him and carried him into the wilderness.
Well into the night, Mother Zea came to the mouth of a cave.

“There are lots of hungry bears around here.. I think this will be a good place for you to rest, my dear.” She said to the baby.

She placed him down on the ground. “Now let’s call one of them out here to meet you” chuckled Mother Zea.

Just then a large explosion erupted close by. This scared Mother Zea and she ran off into the thicket. Phardaxia, startled by the loud noise caused by the explosion, started to cry.

An old man dressed in red robes emerged from the shadows examining a spell book. “hmmm… it doesn’t say following the loud explosion you will hear ghastly crying..”
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The Raising of a Wizard....

Postby Phardaxia » Fri Aug 08, 2003 2:38 pm

Kalimar Quemar, leader of the “Ring of Fire”, found Phardaxia. The Ring of Fire was a circle of wizards devoted to the art of fire majik.

Kalimar picked up Phardaxia, held him in his arms and gazed into his eyes.
“Hmmm..” he pondered, “I see much greatness in you my boy…with the proper training that is. But what shall we call you?” Kalimar looked on his birth cloth his mother made and sew in was his name.

“Phardaxia?” Kalimar thought to himself. “Hmmm…well…I can live with that.”

Kalimar placed Phardaxia under his arm and brought him back to his home in Avalon. There he taught Phardaxia the power and the responsibility of fire majik.

Phardaxia’s power grew at an exponential rate. He too, also seemed to age quickly, a sign of a great wizard.

One day Phardaxia grew restless.
“Father… what is beyond the marsh?” young Phardaxia questioned.

“Nothing of particular interest my boy…” trying to change the subject, “Have you practiced your fireballs today?”

Phardaxia bored, “yes father… about a million times…”
“And your concussive blasts?”
“Yes father, more then the fireballs.”
“Excellent…and your icy grip?”

“Bah.. FATHER… I don’t want to practice these spells anymore… I want to see the world… explore… perhaps use my power to slay Legion!”
“My son.. we should only use our powers when necessary… we should not look for trouble… because it will sure enough find us.”

Phardaxia sighed. “It’s so boring here… I want to DO something…”

“Read… there is much knowledge you should obtain. An uneducated wizard is a weak wizard.” He hands Phardaxia a book.

Phardaxia put his hand on the book and it was engulfed in flames. Grinning, “This is what I think of your lousy books…”

Kalimar quickly tried to put the fire out. “You RAPSCALION! DO YOU KNOW HOW OLD THIS BOOK IS? Bah! The book has been charred to uselessness.”

“I don’t need any books… I am the greatest wizard ever…” Phardaxia said snottily.

“I see that your power has gotten to your head…let us see ‘oh great wizard’ how well you do against me…”

Phardaxia a bit surprised and scared, “um…. FINE, old man!” Phardaxia began to walk to the required distance for a wizards duel. He faced Kalimar and eyed him up and down.

“I don’t want to hurt you… remember… you asked for this.” Phardaxia said.

Kalimar just chuckled.

Phardaxia started his incantation, “ Meth-la, far-da, ith mun..” A red glow began to surge around Phardaxia. Kalimar stood in front of him calmly. “ kal-yi.. DAAA” As Phardaxia was about to finish his spell, he was encased in a block of ice. Unable to move, his spell fizzled.

Kalimar walked over to Phardaxia, looked at him completely frozen in ice and gave him a smile. He pushed him over and Phardaxia fell on his side. Kalimar sat down on the block of ice that was once Phardaxia.

“My boy.. you have so much to learn.. I fear though that you may have to learn it the hard way.” Kalimar placed his hat down on the block and started giggling.

Phardaxia, in his frozen state, noticed some movement in the foliage close by. He tried to move but he could not. He tried to speak, but he was completely frozen.

“I love you my boy… but you need to remember, know the world… and all of its power. Books will feed you this need to...” Kalimar stopped short peering into the thicket.

All of a sudden this dark shadow appeared behind the wizard. It swung and struck Kalimar. His head fell off of his shoulders and rolled right in front of Phardaxia’s face. Phardaxia tried to scream, but he could not.

The dark figure searched the body of Kalimar but didn’t find what it was looking for. It started getting closer to Phardaxia.

Then a brilliant ball of fire hit the dark figure from behind, and it erupted into this huge explosion. Shards of ice then pierced the dark figure’s body and the earth it was standing on started to grab its legs.

The dark figure let out this great howl and ran off back into the thicket. Phardaxia glanced over and it was Ethaen and Slatee, his two good friends from the Academy.

“Phardaxia… are you alright?” Ethaen said.
“Let me use my power to break you from your icy bind.” Slatee exclaimed. After three attempts the ice finally broke.

Phardaxia got up, shook his head, and looked down to Kalimar.

“FATHER!!!” he began to cry.

“What was that Phardaxia?” Ethaen said.
“I don’t know… he seemed to be looking for something.”
“Whatever it was.. I don’t think he will be back…” Slatee said
Phardaxia with fire in his eyes, “ I must find it… and KILL it!”
Ethaen, “but we don’t know what ‘it’ is..or where ‘it’ went..”
“Then I will search this land until I find it…my fathers death will not go unavenged!”
Slatee, “ I will go with you… you will need the power of earth in your quest.” Both Slatee and Phardaxia looked at Ethaen.

“You know we are going to be expelled from the Academy for this…

.....I am in.. I mean how far could you get without my ice?”

Phardaxia picked up Kalimar’s hat and placed it on his head. “We will find you..” Phardaxia yelled to the world.

And thus a union was formed. Fire, Earth, and Ice. Together. On a quest of vengeance.
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Phardaxia, Cerrick, and Talbot.

Postby Phardaxia » Mon Aug 11, 2003 1:26 pm

Phardaxia traveled the lands for many years searching for the beast. Although he could not find the monster, he was acquiring more and more knowledge.

One day while following a lead he received from his trainer he stumbled onto a bandit camp. He looked down into the valley peering at the group of thieves.
“Hmm…” he pondered, “maybe they have some information regarding this beast.”
Just then something rather large and rather heavy hit Phardaxia on the back of the head.
Phardaxia came to and noticed he could not move his arms. Nor could he move his legs. In fact, Phardaxia was completely tied and gagged up. He scowled at the bandits standing over him.
“Son of a…” the bandit started, not realizing the bad word filter was on. “ This loser has less money then us.” The one bandit started scratching his head and looked to the other bandit. “But we just robbed that Sorcerer and he was loaded.” Bandit one bonking bandit two on the head “shut up idiot.” Phardaxia was feverishly trying to think of any spell he knew without physical movement or verbal components.

“So what shall we do wit him? Should we take his hat at least?” The bandit said eyeing Phardaxia’s hat. “UGH! Who would want that ugly thing…” said the other bandit, “I think we should sell him to the Midguardians… they pay top dollar for young Avalonians…”

“I think you should let him go and hope I only kill one of you…” a voice boomed in. The bandits looked up and it was a Paladin, casually resting on his sword.

“Be on your way goody two shoes…he’s ours.” Said the one bandit. “Yeah.. besides, he likes being tied up.” Said the second bandit.

At this point Phardaxia began to try to protest the bandit’s statement but with a gag in his mouth it sounded more of a wild boar in heat.

The Paladin chuckled, “Well… it sounds like our friend with the funny hat disagrees with you both. Now, why don’t you do the one smart thing in your pitiful existence and let him go.”

The Paladin noticed the one bandit looking behind him. He quickly pick up his sword, turned and thrusted it through a third bandit standing there. He withdrew his blade and turned back to the other two bandits, just in time to see them both running as fast as they could.

He laughed and sheathed his sword again and started toward Phardaxia. He released Phardaxia from his binds and sat down on the ground next to the freed wizard.

“Thank you m’lord” Phardaxia said, “I thought I was done for..”
“No problem Sir Wizard, glad I could be of some service today.” The Paladin said modestly while making a short prayer.

“What be your name m’lord?” Phardaxia asked.
“Why it is Cerrick good wizard… and yours?” Cerrick said.
“My name is Phardaxia and this…” he pokes his hat “ this is Talbot.”

Cerrick looked at Phardaxia oddly, “Talbot??”
“Yeah… he is an enchanted hat, and he is allergic to me.” As Phardaxia finished his sentence the hat let out a loud sneeze.
Cerrick started laughing, “Ok… Phardaxia... with the ugly enchanted hat named Talbot. Where were you off to?”
It was then Phardaxia told Cerrick of his quest to find the beast that murdered his father.
Cerrick leaned back, deep in thought. “Hmmm..” Cerrick started, “ I don’t remember ever hearing of such a beast. Perhaps I can help you look for the thing..”
Phardaxia smiled, ever since Eathen was lost in Lyonesse and Slatee had his own path to follow, Phardaxia had not had a companion for quite some time. “I would appreciate your help Cerrick.”

“Well then… let us be off. We have much land to cover in our search. Let us reprovision first…we will stop by my home. It is near and will have everything we will need.”

“Ah.. where is you home M’Lord?” Phardaxia said as he picked up his staff.

“Ever hear of the St. Crispin’s League?” Cerrick said with a smile.
“No my lord… whom are they?”
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Postby Phardaxia » Tue Aug 12, 2003 7:52 am

Phardaxia, Slatee, and Eathen had just left the marsh in search of the beast. They decided to head north to Camelot to inquire the good townsfolk about any information that may lead them in the right direction.

Phardaxia had never seen Camelot before and the beauty and size of the city awed him. “Now I know why Arthur was great..” he thought to himself as he crossed the first bridge into the city.

As he entered the courtyard he heard the many cries and yells of the market place. The commerce of Camelot was none other then he had ever experienced. The countless wares and items truly were beyond imagination. Many crafters were peddling their wares citing that not only was their inventory better then the city merchants, but also cheaper.

Phardaxia passed a merchant whose specialty was the culinary arts. The smell from the roasted boar reminded Phardaxia he had not eaten in quite some time. He had not quite perfected his spells to leave anything he hunted in an edible state, and charred bone never tasted that good anyway.

He walked up to the merchant and greeted him with a smile. “G’day sir… how goes business this morning..?”

“Except for the thieves…” he growled, “not good at all..”
“Well, how much for a slice of that tasty meat good sir…” Phardaxia said trying to keep the drool in his mouth.

“Ten copper…”

Phardaxia went to check his pockets but remembered quickly that wizard robes did not have any pockets. Even if Phardaxia did have pockets, there would be no money in them anyway. Phardaxia sighed and walked away.

He peered down the street and saw a large group of people spilling out the door of a building. Phardaxia walked closer to this mess to see what the matter was.

It seemed that a knight of a guild was having a birthday party and the celebration in the tavern was a bit out of hand. Phardaxia got closer to the crowd. A drunken friar lost his footing and spilled his ale all over Phardaxia.

“AG! Me not sure wha ae more mad about, that me spill’d me drink, or dat me spilled it on ye… most sorry me good sir..” the friar said stumbling.

Phardaxia wringing out his robe, “no problem good sir… it was an accident. Happens to the best of us.”

The friar looked at Phardaxia as if trying to get him into focus. “Let me buy ye an ale fer your trouble, good sir…” The friar grabbed Phardaxia by the shoulder and pulled him into the tavern.

The friar brought him to the bar and yelled for the barkeep. “EH! Barkeep… an ale fer me, and one fer me friend.” The bar tendered quickly poured two drinks and set them on the bar. The friar grabbed both and handed one to Phardaxia. “To all the Albion Ladies… may their hearts be warm, and their tempers be cold” the Friar said with a laugh and downed the ale. Another minstrel at the bar caught the eye of the friar, and he was off buying them a drink.

Phardaxia sipped his ale. He was exhausted from his journey to Camelot and just wanted a place to rest. Just then, he noticed a group of Armsmen get up from a table in the corner and leave. Phardaxia quickly sprang towards the table and jumped in the chair, eyeing the Cleric that was also trying for the table.

Phardaxia looked around and all he saw were the backs of celebrating people. He gulped the rest of his drink down and breathed in a deep breath. “Hmm..” he thought, “I wonder what I shall do…” the exhaustion and the ale started to defeat Phardaxia. He took off his hat, laid it down on the table next to him, and put his head down on the table. “I will just close my eyes for a moment, then I will be off…” Phardaxia closed his eyes and went right to sleep.

Phardaxia was in a green meadow with the most beautiful fragrant flowers he had ever seen or smelled. He was lying in the soft grass and a cool breeze blew across him. Phardaxia smiled. He had never been in such a place before. He put his arms behind his head, closed his eyes and laid on the ground with the sun warming his face. A shadow moved across his face, blocking the sun. Phardaxia thought to himself, “move cloud.” However this cloud did not move, in fact this cloud spoke. “Phardaxia, my boy…”

Phardaxia opened his eyes and to his amazement, this "cloud" was actually his father, Kalimar.

“Father? But I thought you were dead?!?!” Phardaxia said half excited, half crying. He jumped up and hugged Kalimar.

Kalimar patted Phardaxia on the back. “There, there my boy…I haven’t much time. You must listen to me.”

Phardaxia pulled away from Kalimar with tears in his eyes. “I am sorry father.. I didn’t mean to be so bad…” Kalimar shushed Phardaxia.

“My boy, the creature that murdered me was very powerful indeed. You must learn all you can about the art of fire before you face it. Quest for him if you must, but do not confront him until you are ready. I don’t need to see you again that soon, my boy.”

Phardaxia wiped the tears from his eyes. “Yes father.. I will become the greatest wizard and avenge you.”

Kalimar turned from Phardaxia, “also… there is another thing I must tell you.”

Phardaxia composed himself. “What is it father?”

Kalimar looked back to Phardaxia with much love in his eyes. “I am not your father.”

Phardaxia gasped and looked away. Kalimar continued. “I found you abandoned the day you were born, left to be eaten by the wolves.”
Phardaxia closed his eyes not wanting it to be true. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Kalimar smiled warmly as his eyes started to swell with tears, “I had always thought there would be time to tell you…”

Phardaxia opened his eyes and looked on the face of Kalimar. “You will always be my father.” Phardaxia ran and hugged Kalimar as if for the last time.

Phardaxia noticed he heard very faintly, music and a clanking sound. He looked to Kalimar. “Father what is that?”

Kalimar looked down to Phardaxia. “It is time for me to go.”

Phardaxia saddened, “please don’t go..”

Kalimar started walking away, “ I must my boy… be careful out there. Mind your books!”

Phardaxia noticed the sun was getting much brighter, almost to the point of blinding.

“I will father!” Phardaxia said shielding his eyes from the light.

“Oh.. and take good care of Talbot!” Kalimar added.

Phardaxia puzzled, “ Who is Talbot?” Phardaxia could no longer see anything, but could hear the music and the clanking getting louder.

“He is my hat!”

Then Phardaxia woke up. He looked up and the entire tavern was starting at him, laughing and pointing. Phardaxia wasn’t aware that a sleeping wizard was so entertaining in Camelot, but now he was embarrassed and got up to leave. He reached down to get his hat and it wasn’t there. He looked down and the table was covered in gold pieces. Slightly to the left he saw it. A minstrel was next to the table playing his flute while Phardaxia’s hat danced.

Phardaxia blinked his eyes thrice. “ hat is dancing.”
A drunken Cabalist bent down and said, “ This is the best thing I have seen in a while, here is 2 gold lad..” then stuffed the gold into his ale mug.

Phardaxia smiled and quickly gathered all the money that was on the table and pushed it into a pocket he made with his hiked up robe. He looked up and smiled to the crowd. “Shows over for today, come back tomorrow.” With that he grabbed his hat and put it on his head. He gave 5 gold to the minstrel, and made his way out of the tavern.

In the street by the tavern were Slatee and Eathen. Phardaxia looked up, smiled and showed them the money that he had just made.

Phardaxia, Eathen, and Slatee slept and ate well that evening. They were now more prepared for the road ahead. However, Phardaxia now did not know what that road was. Should he continue his quest for the beast, or start on the more personal quest of finding out whom he really was. Perhaps the road was one and the same. Only time and fate would reveal the answers.
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A family affair...

Postby Phardaxia » Tue Sep 30, 2003 11:00 am

((A family affair...))

Kaleedra always knew she was destined for greatness. She never knew her mother or father. They had been dead a long time, killed by the wicked people of Camelot.

Her adopted Mother Nole, had given her everything she ever needed. Food, clothes, and all the comforts a young girl would want. Kaleedra felt so blessed to have someone as wonderful as Mother Nole looking out for her best interests.

She and her adopted mother lived in a little hut in Snowdonia. A small dwelling made of rock and wood, but more then enough for someone devoted to God and his glory, and not the greed of the common man.

Kaleedra sat there staring out the window one morning pondering the world around her.

“Mother?” Kaleedra asked inquisitively.
“Yes my dear?” Mother Nole answered.
“Can everyone in the world be that bad?” Kaleedra asked.

Mother Nole walked over to Kaleedra and sat down next to her. “Yes my dear. They are ALL evil out there. The world is a horror. Do I have to tell you what they did to your parents again? I would think the torture and the pain they put them through would be enough to make you understand..but if we need to go over it again..” Nole paused.

“Yes mother.. you are right. I hope I live to see the day that Camelot falls.” Kaleedra said angrily.
“Now..” Nole said cheerily “ you must get back to your training.”

“Awwww..” groaned Kaleedra, “Can’t I skip training today? I NEVER get a day to myself.”

Mother Nole face grew angry, “ No… training is more important then ANYTHING. You must continue it at all costs.”

Kaleedra, unwillingly got up and went outside to practice. She walked around the forest looking for injured animals. She would practice her healing on these, hoping to eliminate what ailed them. She had just finished healing a giant toad, when she heard a groan.

Kaleedra walked over towards a large tree and lying in waist deep ivy, was an old man. Kaleedra was startled. “He must be evil,” she thought to herself. The old man then let out another groan, “My leg….owwww”.

Kaleedra pondered for a moment. The old man was hurt, and Kaleedra could help him, but what if he attacked her? After a few more groans, Kaleedra decided she could not just leave him there to die so she decided to approach him. If he were dangerous, she would not heal him and could easily sprint away from an old man with a bad leg.

She called to him, “Sir….a SIR? Are you ok?” The old man started to chuckle a bit.

“In the most embarrassing times in your life, there is always a witness..” the man started to laugh more, but then began to moan as if the laughing was painful.

Kaleedra circled in front of the old man and stood there looking at him. She looked down and noticed a pair of glasses in front of her.

“My dear… could you hand me my glasses? I am not sure where they went to… but I do need them.” The old man said.

Kaleedra bent down and picked up the glasses and carefully walked towards the old man. She had a second thought, and gently tossed the glasses at the old man. The old man reached down, picked up the glasses, and put them on.

“Oh…a cleric. How useful. I could use a bit of healing.” The old man noticed that the girl was a bit scared and tried to ease her mind. “My apologies… I am Kalimar. I am the old fool who fell out of that tree.” Kalimar said with a chuckle.

Kaleedra was unsure of herself. Her instinct was to help this man. But what of the stories Nole told her of evil men luring young girls into slavery?

“What is your purpose here?” Kaleedra demanded.

Kalimar, being a bit surprised by Kaleedra’s tone explained, “I am just a poor old man passing through in search of the origins of my son.” Kalimar smiled, “Just a fool father looking for answers.”

“I will take you to my mother… she is not far and can heal you far greater then me.” Kaleedra said. She thought that her mother would know what to do with this man and if he tried to accost her on the way, she could easily flee. “I will help you.”

Kaleedra helped up Kalimar to his one good leg and helped him hop back to the hut.

“Mother…I need your help!” Kaleedra shouted as she laid the wizard back down on the floor of the hut. Mother Nole came in and saw Kalimar lying there. A look of fear washed over her face.

“What is he doing here?” Nole demanded.

“I found him hurt in the woods mother. I didn’t know what to do.” Kaleedra said.

“She is a fine lass, quite bright for a girl of her age, I must say.” Kalimar added.

Nole looked Kalimar up and down. “You should have left him there.”

“But mother he is hurt. What good is my training if I can’t even heal anyone?” Kaleedra pleaded.

“Kaleedra, I have warned you time and time again about strangers.” Nole shouted at Kaleedra.

“M’Lady… I will leave as soon as I am able. I do not want to cause trouble.” Kalimar said and looked at Kaleedra.

“You will leave NOW!” Nole shouted at Kalimar.

“But mother..” Kaleedra started to protest, but Nole slapped her across her face.

“Disobey me again, and you will get worse.” Nole snarled at Kaleedra. She looked back to a stunned Kalimar and smiled.

“Now, good sir, I don’t mean to be rude, but can you please leave?” Nole said in a mock polite way.

Kalimar struggled to his one leg, “Gladly. For one small favor.” Nole’s face grew angry again.
“What is it?” Nole demanded.

“I am looking for one called ‘Mother Nole’. I am told she is somewhere in these parts. Do you know her?” Kalimar said as he started to hop.

Kaleedra looked up at her mother and then to the old man. Mother Nole’s face grew white.

“Kaleedra, would you please leave us.” Nole said sternly.

“But mother…”

“NOW!! LEAVE US!!” Nole yelled.

Kaleedra looked at the old man and ran out of the house.

Kalimar watched the young girl run out then turned back towards Mother Nole and smiled.

“She reminds me much of my boy…”
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Postby Phardaxia » Thu Oct 02, 2003 6:25 am

((A family affair))

Mother Nole walked to the door to make sure Kaleedra was out of sight. After seeing her storm into the forest, Nole walked over and sat down across from the wizard.

She nodded to the wizard. “I am sure she does. She is his twin sister.”

Kalimar smiled. “I am glad to meet you…Mother Nole.”

Nole nodded sadly. “What do you want?”

Kalimar thought for a moment then sat back down. “Answers. I don’t quiet understand what is going on here. I have this wonderful boy that was left to die in the wilderness, this order that seems to have played a large part in it, and now a twin sister?”

A fear gripped Mother Nole. What was she to do? She had to protect Kaleedra’s identity as the “Holy Mother” that would deliver the realm from the Hibernian and Midguardian hordes. She breathed in deeply and sighed.

“Yes, we did leave that boy for dead. Not something we are proud of. His mother is a member of our order…” Nole paused, “see those of our order only have girls. When Phardaxia was born, we were sent into a panic… the prophecy…” Nole stopped abruptly, catching herself.

“The prophecy?” Kalimar questioned.

Nole continued as if she did not hear the question. “ We did not know of Kaleedra until after Mother Zea left with him. Then low and behold, a girl was born…”

“But what of this prophecy?” Kalimar questioned again.

Mother Nole grew angry, “Look… Kaleedra is special and our only hope. I cannot explain this to you in fear for her life.” Nole bent down and touched Kalimar’s leg. A blue glow engulfed her hand and transferred to the wound. “ Now.. you are healed. Please go. You are endangering her, Phardaxia, and the realm.”

A loud rumble started happening all around the two as they sat there arguing. The hut began to shake and move. Kalimar and Nole looked around to see what was causing this disturbance.

The hut was lifted from its foundation and thrown. Kalimar and Nole were now face to face with this black creature, almost formless. Nole gasped, “My god.”

Kalimar quickly froze the beast. “RUN! It will not hold it long!” They both jumped up and started running as fast as they could towards the forest.

An elf stepped out of the foliage. “GET THE WIZARD’S SPELL BOOK!” he commanded to the beast as it went after the two.

At a fair distance, Kalimar turned back toward the beast. “Eat fireball foul beast!” A huge fireball was emitted from Kalimar’s hands and it struck the beast square in the chest. Kalimar smiled slightly until he realized it didn’t even slow down the beast. He quickly reached for his spell book. He flipped to a page and looked back towards the beast. He gulped hard. “Oh no…” he said as the beast tackled him to the ground.

What could be described as teeth clamped down onto the book. It shook it in its mouth like the book was alive and needed to taste death. Kalimar grabbed the book. “GIVE THAT BACK” he yelled as punched the beast in the face.

Kalimar ripped the book out of its mouth only tearing a page. Now the beast wasn’t looking at the book, but at Kalimar’s neck and it lunged for it. Luckily Kalimar put his staff in the way of the beast. The beast ripped the staff from his hands. Kalimar knew it was hopeless and hoped the Phardaxia would be ok.

A lighting bolt from heaven then struck the beast and blew it off of Kalimar. He looked up and it was Nole. The beast also looked up and bolted towards her.

Kalimar grabbed another book and quickly flipped through it. He stopped and started an incantation. The beast was engulfed in fire again. The horrible smell of burning flesh filled the air, but the beast did not yield. He cast again…. “BOOM!” A concussive blast rocked the beast spraying blood everywhere. The beast was slowed but still moving. It lunged at Nole and hit it’s target. A large talon-like arm burst through her stomach and out through her back.

A look of shock and fear came to Nole’s face. Kalimar, casted again, “Boom!” another blast threw the beast 50 yards away. The beast was hurt badly and ran off. Kalimar came to the aid of Nole.

“Mother Nole…” Kalimar cried to her.
“I am sorry for not being completely honest with you sir.” Nole said between the coughs of blood.
“Do not speak.. I will get you help.” Kalimar said, “ Where is the nearest town.”

Nole closed her eyes, “There is no hope for me.” She then opened her eyes widely. “YOU MUST TAKE KALEEDRA BACK TO THE ORDER!” She said with sternness.

Kalimar nodded comforting to Nole as his robes absorbed her blood.

Nole stared off to a distance place, “she…she is our ….only hope.” Nole then ceased.

Kalimar was angry. He stood up. Who was this that attacked them and why? He then heard a gasp.

Kaleedra was there staring at him covered in blood over the dead body of her mother.
Tears swelled in her eyes. “MURDERER!” She screamed and ran off back into the forest as fast as she could.
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Postby Kaleedra » Mon Oct 20, 2003 12:21 pm

((A Family Affair))

Kaleedra ran as fast as she could through the forest. Her mother had always warned her about strangers and now she knew why. “How could he just kill her like that?” she thought as she kept running.

Kaleedra started to tire and looked behind her. “There is no way that wizard could keep up with me…” she thought as she slowed to a stop. Panting and out of breath she began to cry. Her mother was now dead. No one would be taking care of her now. She had to do it herself. She lay down and in exhaustion fell asleep.

When Kaleedra awoke it was dark. The night scared her a bit, but she would never let anyone know. She made her way back to the hut. First she searched carefully around to make sure the wizard was nowhere to be found. When she found everything quiet she came back to where the hut was and began to reconstruct the dwelling. This took her most of the night and before the sun rose again, she drifted off to sleep.

Kaleedra awoke mid morning and went out to look for some food. She came upon the spot where the wizard had killed her mother and saw a fresh mound of loose dirt. On the loose mound was a rock with a piece of paper under it. She picked up the piece of paper and looked at it. She wasn’t sure what it said because she was never taught to read. She folded the paper and placed it in her pocket.

“I must keep with my training.” Kaleedra thought as she began her daily routine.
Four years had passed and Kaleedra had now become a woman. She had trained everyday to one day avenge her mother’s death.

Sleeping one night she heard a knock on her door. There was a violent storm raging outside. Kaleedra wondered if it was the wizard returning to finish what he started so long ago. She grabbed the club she had fashioned from a branch of the tree the wizard fell from.

The knock grew louder. “Kalimar?” Kaleedra called out.

“Milady… me need ta git outta tha storm.. I also be hurt… may me haff shelter?” a voice cried from outside.

Kaleedra was wary but she opened the door and readied her club. A dark figure dropped on the ground and another stood in the doorway. Kaleedra scared, swung her club. She was stopped in mid swing by some unknown force. A shrill voice screamed forcing her back into the hut. Kaleedra tripped and fell to the ground.

“Please don’t hurt me..” she cried to the figures. The one silhouette in the doorway pushed the one on the ground inside and closed the door behind them.

“You have a candle or something?” A female voice said from the standing shadow.

Kaleedra quickly lit a candle. As the light shown on the two figures, Kaleedra was able to see a young woman and a younger man. The young man was bleeding badly. The woman took off her wet cloak and hung it on a protrusion on the wall.

“I am sorry to trouble you like this, but my brother is badly hurt and we needed a dry place to rest.”

“Who are you?” Kaleedra demanded.

The woman smiled. “My name is Raijel, and this lad is my brother Jiler. We were out looking around the frontier and a few arrows found their way to us.” She said frowning at her wounded brother.

Kaleedra nodded and began to look over Jiler’s wounds. “These are bad I am afraid. Without help, this man will die.”

Raijel looked at her brother and began to tear. “I can not let that happen. He is all I have left.”

Kaleedra smiled to Raijel. “Perhaps I can help.. lets get him into my bed.” They lifted Jiler into bed and Kaleedra began working on Jiler. Within a few moments, her magic had closed all his wounds and almost healed him completely. Kaleedra looked to Raijel.

“He just need some rest now.” She said as they made her way out of the room. That night Raijel and Kaleedra spoke for hours. Kaleedra hadn’t seen anyone in 4 years and was anxious to talk to someone.

When mornings light shone into the hut Raijel looked out and sighed. “ I will need to run to Camelot to grab some supplies for my brother and I. Then I need to purchase something in Gothwaite Harbor.” Kaleedra, not wanting to seem ignorant, nodded like she heard of these places. “When will my brother be ready for travel?”

Kaleedra paused, “ I would not want him moved for at least one more day.”

Raijel nodded.“Ok.. then can he stay here while I take care of business?”

Kaleedra sighed and nodded. Raijel smiled and pulled out her drum.

“What is that?” Kaleedra asked.

“Why its my drum.. I am a minstrel silly.” Raijel giggled. “My songs give me a spring in my step. I will be back in no time.” Raijel began to play and whooshed off.

Kaleedra sat there a few more hours contemplating what to do with this man in her bed. She barely was able to hear his cry of “Raijel” before she ran into the room.

Jiler looked upon Kaleedra. “you ain’t me sister. Ye are much pertyr then she.” Jiler said with a wink.

Kaleedra smiled, “Thank ye sir. Your sister had to run to “Caam-uh-lit, and someplace called Godwaiter?”

Jiler chuckled a bit and sighed. “Aye.. she needed to buy sumtin dere. Well now, ar you de one to be healin me?” Kaleedra nodded. “Well.. I can nae think of a better care giver den yeself.” Jiler smiled.

“Would you like something to eat Jiler?”
“Aye .. me be starving..”

Kaleedra went in a prepared a meal for Jiler. She and him spent the rest of the day talking about the many misadventures Jiler had been on. The next day came and went, but Raijel did not return. Yet another day came and went, still no Raijel. Jiler grew troubled.

“I am fully healed now. Tomorrow I will leave to look for Raijel.” Jiler paused for a moment. “ Ye be coming wit me Kaleedra?”

Kaleedra thought of how her mother told her to stay away from strangers and how bad they were. Kaleedra also thought of all those lonely nights over the past 4 years that she endured. What harm could a little exploration do? Raijel and Jiler seem nice enough.

“Ok.. I will go.” Kaleedra said to Jiler with a smile.

That night Kaleedra packed her things and in the morning she was on the road with Jiler.

Jiler and Kaleedra arrived in Camelot. They searched the town and taverns but could find no trace of Raijel. They quickly raced to Gothwaite Harbor hoping to find her there. Kaleedra had never seen so many places. She was in complete awe.

When they arrived in Gothwaite Jiler told Kaleedra to seek Father Kenelm, the cleric trainer so she may receive the title of the profession she had been training in. Jiler was off to find some information.

Kaleedra approached the huge castle overlooking the harbor. It was bustling with lots of people. She had a little trouble finding Father Kenelm at first but found him nonetheless.

Jiler found the local tavern and started putting out feelers.
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Postby Jiler » Fri Oct 24, 2003 10:33 am

((A family Affair ))

“She was taken…” said the mercenary to Jiler as he handed her some gold.

“Taken?” Jiler asked, “By who?” The mercenary motioned for more gold. Jiler dumped his purse into her hand. She grew wide-eyed and stammered.

“um… a..a ship. A pirate ship took her. The Fatal Jest it was called.” The mercenary said as she put the gold in her pocket.

“Where be this ship now?” Jiler asked with hate in his eyes.

The mercenary frowned, “I am not sure… but one of her crew went to Cornwall to fetch some supplies. If ye catch him, I think he would know. His name is Antion.”

Jiler nodded and looked down at his ale. He was saddened by this news. “She be taken… by pirates?” he said as he swug his last swig and slammed the mug on the bar.

He got up and left the tavern looking for Kaleedra.

He found Kaleedra near the water of the harbor. She was reading her prayer book. She looked up and noticed him staring at her. She quickly sprung up and ran over and hugged Jiler.

“Look!” she cried, “I got a new prayer book and Father Kenelm gave me this new armor.” Kaleedra modeled her new set of armor. The sunlight bounced off of the water illuminating her. Jiler looked upon her beauty with longing ness. He knew she would never go for him. He wasn’t much to look at, or so he thought. He sighed.

“Ye be a beaut, m’lady…” Jiler shyly said.

Kaleedra giggled, “Oh stop Jiler. You hear anything about Raijel?”

Jiler’s face grew saddened suddenly. “Me sources tell me she be taken by a ship.”

“Taken?” Kaleedra questioned, “Who.. and why would take her?”

“I not be known… but we must be off ta Cornwall ta find out.” Jiler said taking Kaleedra’s hand.

The portal to get them to Avalon marsh was having some problems. It seemed as though a few whom took it, ended up several hundred yards beneath the earth. Jiler was angry he had to first go to Camelot, and then travel the long way south to Cornwall.

A week went by as Jiler and Kaleedra entered Campacorentin Forest. They had lost their food when they encountered the giant in the plains and they were both hungry. It began to get dark and they decided to camp for the night.

“Jiler…” Kaleedra cried, “ I am so hungry I can eat your armor!”

Jiler began to string his bow. “Let me be off an me find ye a nice piece uf meat ta eat eh?”

Kaleedra smiled, “Jiler… you are too nice to me. Rescuing me from my “prison” taking me with you.” Kaleedra hugged Jiler tightly. “ I will forever be indebted to you.”

Jiler smiled and went off into the woods, bow in hand looking for some game for Kaleedra.

He searched for a while until he came to an interesting area of the forest.

Crouching down looking at the fresh tracks in the forest, Jiler saw much.

“Many foot prints, blood…” Jiler peered “It looks as though someone was carrying someone wounded.” Jiler pondered. “Very interesting. Ahhhh…. There is what I am looking for!” Jiler said as he silently followed a set of tracks.

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Postby Kaleedra » Mon Feb 23, 2004 1:28 pm

(( A family Affair- Continued))

Kaleedra sat there staring at the note. She contemplated what it meant. The message was plain as the courier that passed it to her, and just as mysterious.

“You must come to Camelot. Now. You are in grave peril.- Order of Life.”

She played with the small note in her fingers. She wondered who this order was, and why would she be in peril?

She began to put on her chain armor. “Well…” she thought to herself. “ I need a new mace anyway, I could pick one up in Camelot.” Kaleedra smiled.

Kaleedra rode toward Camelot. It was a beautiful crystal clear day. Kaleedra breathed in the crisp air and looked at the City of Arthur just on the horizon.

Dismounting from the horse she began to stroll through the market place. She looked at all the food and wares being sold in hopes to find a nice mace for her travels.

A beggar came up to her and asked for some copper for some bread. Kaleedra looked down and smiled at the elder man. “Here you are sir… some gold should give you a feast!” she said as she handed the man some gold.

The man smiled and began to kiss her hand in appreciation. “Thank you m’lady…thank you!” Kaleedra smiled and continued to walk through the square.

“There it is!” Kaleedra exclaimed as she saw a man crafting maces. She walked over to the table where there were many hammers and maces all laid out. She picked a few up and swung them. A scowl came over her face. “No…no. These are all old and rusty. Not even a child’s toy.” Kaleedra looked to the crafter. “Ye have any nicer ones?”

The crafter smiled. “Aye lass…methinks you’ll like this one.” He said as he reached down and brought a case from below the table. He slowly began to open the case and revealed a mace of impeccable quality. A mace made from the finest metals and encrusted with jewelry all about. Kaleedra’s eye lit up. “My word.. that is a fine weapon indeed!”

The crafter chuckled a bit. “I thought ye would like it. Go ahead, pick it up.” Kaleedra lifted the mace from its case. It was sturdy, yet strangely light. She swung it in the air a few times. It felt good in her hands. Almost like it was meant for her. “Well.. “ the crafter said, “ try it out!” he pointed to a crudely constructed manikin standing behind Kaleedra. Kaleedra eyed the bulls eye on the face of the manikin. With a swift blow she took off the dummies head. Kaleedra smiled and looked down at the mace. She noticed just above the handle, was an inscription. She looked closely at it. It was her name, Kaleedra. She looked at it for a moment and pondered. She turned back to the merchant. “Why is my name on this?” she began but stopped short as she noticed there was no longer anything in the spot the merchant was. She looked to her left and her right, but could see no trace that anyone was there.
She shrugged to herself and continued shopping.
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Postby Kaleedra » Wed Feb 25, 2004 5:50 am

She decided that she was hungry and stopped at the local tavern to get some food. She sat there looking at all the people laughing and dancing as she munched on her piece of bread.

She noticed a woman sitting at a table by herself sipping some tea. She spoke with no one or even looked up from her tea. As Kaleedra ate her last bite of bread she wondered if anyone was looking at her like she was eyeing this woman and began to survey the area. Other the a few drunken men oogling her, there wasn’t anyone remotely paying attention to her.

She began to drink her last gulp as she looked down at her mace tied to her belt. It began to glow. A faint glow at first, but then it started to get brighter and brighter. She pushed her chair back to get up from the table and bumped into someone. It was the women sitting alone drinking her tea. Kaleedra quickly apologized, “I am sorry lass.” The woman smiled slightly and continued to walk. As she walked away Kaleedra looked back down at her mace in fear of it exploding. The glow began to fade away again. Kaleedra looked back toward the women and saw her leave the tavern. She looked back down to her mace and scratched her head. She tossed a gold to the barkeep and walked after the woman.

She began to follow the woman, whom walked at a rather slow pace. As she got closer to the woman, her mace would glow brighter. This was odd to Kaleedra.

The woman walked into an unmarked door. Kaleedra waited a moment, looked around, opened the door and slipped inside.

It was dark inside, but only for a brief moment. Her mace began to radiate so brightly that her eyes began to hurt. She tried to cover it up in her cloak but it still shone through a little. She saw a little stone stairway leading down and decided she had better follow it. She quietly creeped down to the botton of the stair.

The stair came down into a huge open hall. Completely pitch black. She continued to walk in the dark only hearing her footsteps echo in this grand cavern. She sighed to herself. She knew uncovering the mace would reveal her position, but she couldn’t just wonder around in the dark. She unwrapped the mace from the cloak. The light beamed out from the weapon, filling the hall with light.
May heaven's light shine upon you if you be friend, if you be foe then feel God's wrath!
Kaleedra, Cleric of the Order of Life
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Postby Kaleedra » Wed Mar 03, 2004 6:13 am

Kaleedra was startled because standing all around her were cloaked figures. Kaleedra grasped the mace firmly and fell into her battle stance. “I am a woman of god… do not force me to send you to his judgment.” Kaleedra said firmly.

A cloaked figure approached Kaleedra brandishing a weapon. Kaleedra looked the figure up and down and pleaded, “Please sir… do not make me strike you.” The figure swung the hammer at Kaleedra who skillfully blocked the swing and countered with a push with her shield, knocking the figure to the ground.

The figure rose and removed their cloak. Standing there in front of Kaleedra was a woman adorned in exquisite chain armor. She whistled as another figure brought a shield to the woman.

“I ask again..” Kaleedra began, “ I do not want to hurt you.”

The woman smiled, grasped her shield and walked closer to Kaleedra. Kaleedra sighed to herself. “Well… if you want to taste the lord’s wrath… I shall be happy to oblige.”

The woman jumped at her. Kaleedra easily sidestepped her attack and knocked her in the back with her shield. She let out a little chuckled then refocused on the woman. The woman regained her feet and now scowled at Kaleedra.

The woman began to swing her hammer. Kaleedra blocked it with her shield and counter blew, knocking the woman back yet again. Kaleedra chanted a prayer she used so often and the woman was stood there completely motionless.

Kaleedra walked over the woman and grasped her mace in both of her hands. She lined up the woman’s wielded shield and swung a great blow. The blow knocked the woman back about ten feet and she landed hard on the ground. A few of the cloaked figures ran to aid the woman.

Kaleedra chuckled. “Can we stop now?”

“Well Mother Nole trained your fighting skills well… but you arrogance needs working.” The woman said.

Kaleedra face grew angry yet inquisitive. “What do you know of my mother?”

The woman began to laugh as she regained her feet. “What do YOU know of your mother?”

Kaleedra remembered the note and thought that maybe this was the peril it spoke of. “Who are you? What do you want?”

The woman smiled. “Well… you could give me my mace back for starters. Why it even has my name on it.”
May heaven's light shine upon you if you be friend, if you be foe then feel God's wrath!
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Postby Phardaxia » Wed Mar 01, 2006 9:00 am

<bumps> and if Discovery didn't put you to sleep.... ;)
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