Hand of Honor

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Hand of Honor

Postby Allonan Tarmac » Wed May 03, 2006 5:57 am

(3 to 5 part installment planned)

Part 1 - The Meeting

A fine collection of good citizens and fellow warriors it was. Allonan scanned each end every one, reciting off in his mind the profession of each as well as their valued worth in combat. This was routine now ingrained from years of sizing up enemies in battle and forming raiding parties for seeking and destroying the enemy. As he continued to go through the crowd, Crispian continued on with the verbal formalities of the occasion, one in which, before the end of the day, would see the League with new Marshals, Knights, and members among its ranks, in addition to the new inclusions to the Alliance. Allonan never being one for pomp and circumstance, often allowed his mind to wander to other issues as Crispian dolled on as only he could.
While going through the crow, Allonans’ eyes fell on Tiplon, a fine character and able warrior of the League and a welcome addition. One that Allonan himself encouraged when the opportunity presented itself. Upon scanning the warrior he caught a peculiar aura about the paladin reinforced by his somewhat nervous glances across the room. Tracing the path of sight Allonans’ eyes landed on none other than Lady Sarekonna. Standing there beautiful as ever and looking innocent as a slumbering infant. Quickly, Allonan’s sight shifted back to The Paladin that he so long called friend and he felt warmness within his veins. Not one of comfort, but one of anger. How dare a friend, a brother even, be so bold? Sarekonna was the innocent of the League. She was an untainted one of soul and virtue. With this thought Allonan gave his head an ever so shake to get the thoughts out of his head. This couldn’t be. It was only an assumption, and his mind wandering to far from the topic. It does one no to assume or perceive anything without facts. But through the rest of the meeting the thought lingered in and out of his mind like a pest scurrying a garden.

To be continued…………..
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Postby Allonan Tarmac » Fri May 12, 2006 9:03 am

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Part 2 - The Announcement

The ceremonies continued to droll on and on until the last of the speakers and salutes died down whilst Crispian delivered his closing statements. Allonan sensed an ever increasing nervousness in Tiplon as attendees began to drift out of the Hall. In one swift move Tiplon approached the three presiding leaders and called for attention to the floor. Guests paused as he continued, many with questioned looks on their faces.

“I stand before you honored, and have but a humble request." Tiplon began.

With a quizzical look Crispian entertained the request.

“Speak on Sir Knight, as we may grant it if it be in our power”

At this, Tiplon took a knee before the three Precentors and began.
“I ask that ye bless me in the courtship of the lady Sarekonna. Tis the blessin of Sir Rhudd, Sir Allonan, and ye Sire that I ask.”
At this time stood still while only the wind could be hard upon the outer walls of the Mansion. Quickly, Allonan snapped firm and crisp and peered around the room as many a shocked faces were upon its floor. Rhudd simply blinked in amazement. Crispian began to speak but his mouth just paused slightly open with only air escaping. Others followed suit. Iledralian and newly promoted Wraili might as well have supported each others jaws as they both fell into a stunned sagg. A quick glance at Lady Sarekonna told Allonan that she was as surprised by this request as anyone in the room. With all of this, Allonan could feel his blood begin to heat and the anger rise within him. Sarekonna was as a sister unto him, one of the few lasses he actually respected and took her thoughts to heart. Next to his own mother lost at birth, as well as Azi wife unto the Lord Crispian, there was no other lass he respected more. Not even Eralis, his blood companion.

“Well now!” Was all that Allonan could muster to say as his mind came back into the world.

Crispian, upon seeing the moods of Rhudd and Allonan darken, quickly interjected with his usual diplomatic approach.

“Uh, Sir Tiplon, you do take, and I do think I speak for all present, us a’back with your request!”

Allonan thought to himself that Although Sarekonna was like blood, that sooner or later the lass would be courted, it would be to naïve to think otherwise. However who would be worthy of such a woman of stature? One MUST prove his worth to the lass, for in Allonan’s mind, anything less that the royalty of the Kings own court was not fit for Lady Sarekonna. However he currently was at odds with the King and would rather have someone he knew with the lass, so he would be able to thrash them indiscriminately should harm come to Sarekonna. Then there was the thought of what would actually prove that worth. A Epic Quest. One of might, skill, and honor. One that would allow a lad to show his traits of humbleness, dedication, willingness to risk it all for the hand of the lass he sought, and most importantly one to give Allonan himself a chance to thrash the lad for even asking such a thought while at the same time giving the lad a chance. A Duel! But anyone dueling Allonan alone for the hand of the Lady Sarekonna would never have a fair chance. With his mind still in overdrive Allonan began.

“You must first meet and overcome a challenge!”

“Speak of it and shall be done Sire.” Tiplon replied.

Allonan thought to himself, then continued.

“You see, we three are the keepers of the heart, mind, and soul of what you know as Lady Sarekonna. No blessing will be granted to a court request without some matter of proof one is worthy of such, a challenge, quest, or series of such if you will.”

“Aye, tis this I know indeed” Tiplon interjected.

Crispian, seeking closure to his already over extended night of ceremonies beckoned Allonan.

“Speak your challenges Lord Allonan”

Allonan glimpsed at Crisp while bellowing:

“I hereby declare an Inaugural Precentors Challenge for the blessing to court Lady Sarekonna!”

Allonan then began to lay out his thoughts in verbal speech.

“You will be given a quest from each of the Three Precentors O’ de League before our blessing upon thee to court the Lady Sarekonna is granted. You must accomplish each quest to the satisfaction of that Precentor before moving on to the next.”

With a pause and slight glance to the two other Precentors, Allonan continued:

“The first quest is of my own. A triple duel of the Precentors and will test your might, courage, honor, and mettle. You are to duel the three Precentors before thee and be victorious in two of those three duels. The duels will take place in the lands of the Shrouded Isles, near the portal to Cotswold, time and date of such to be set and announced on the guild scrolls. You must accept, meet, and return victorious to my satisfaction before continuing on to Lord Rhudds quest for thee.”

With a pause, clamoring broke out as many began chatting and gossiping about what was transpiring before them.

“Doth thee accept the Orders here forth given unto thee?”

Crispian eyed Allonan then Tiplon.
Allonan glimpsed first at Rhudd as if for approval, but turned back to Tiplon as couldn’t read nothing more than a slight chuckle like cough followed by an everso slight grin from him.

“Tis a quest that I be worthy of and accept. I am honored to step forth unto this challenge” Tiplon replied as began to rise to his feet he continued with. “It is as it shall be.”

Rhudd, uttered among his first words since the announcement,

“So shall it be done! T’League can gather t’see Sir Tiplon fight for the right to court Lady Sarekonna!”

Crispian, somewhat relieved that the tension had been broken and the proceedings were finally coming to a close, clamored:

“It will be an honor to see you prove your worth good Sir. The Bans shall be proclaimed as to the date and time to meet and witness in battle that you may advance in wishing her hand.”

As Tiplon bowed to the Three he closed the audience with a turn torwards Lady Sarekonna.

“M’Lady Sarekonna, shall ye allow me to do so?”

Sarekonna with a seemingly forced smile simply repled:

“Aye M’lord.”

“So it be done.” Tiplon stated as he turned to bow to the Three.

“Indeed! So it be done!” Crispian closed.

The clamoring of the Hall grew louder as Crispian closed and warriors began preparing for the eve’s hunt upon the Olde Lands of Dartmoore. Allonan, wishing to exit to his chambers with haste, noticed Rhudd pull Tiplon aside and read the words “warning” and “harm” utter from his lips unto Tiplon as he turned to descend the stairs.

To be continued…………..

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Postby Tiplon » Fri May 12, 2006 9:05 pm

Prelude... Tiplon

Tiplon walked across the grounds that once held the mighty home of his family, reflecting in the days that had long past. It was a warm evening and the sun was just setting over the hills. A bead of sweat fell from his brow as he walked slowly across the grounds to give honor to that place.

“It is to thee that I hold my honor.” He whispered, slowly lowering his head. As his mind reeled in the thoughts that flowed from that place, the time passed. The sun felt warm on his face as it peeked thru the trees, reaching out one last time before it disappeared over the horizon. Knowing that it was growing late, Tip opened his eyes and began walking again, for there was much to do.

Trying to recall everything that he had to gather, Tiplon was casually glancing around, his feet pounded on the ground keeping pace. As he walked, his eyes fell onto an old brown leather bag laying under some leaves next to a water well. The bag had been there for some time but he recognized it right off. A grin crossed his face as he leaned down and picked it up. “ Well, I have not seen ye fer some time.” He flipped the top flap over to reveal the contents of the bag. Some leaves, some old papers, and a small package, neatly wrapped, were still in the bag. Tiplon began to chuckle as he pulled the wrapped package out and began to open it. There was not much left of it, just a small muffin holder. A brief thought crossed the large paladin’s mind and he tossed the muffin holder on the ground. A loud, bellowing laugh came from him as he danced about the muffin.

After much laughing, Tiplon gathered the pouch and cast it over his shoulder as he made his way. There was to be a grand gathering of the League, and not being one to pass up on a good chance to throw back a few ales, he did not want to be late. Besides, tonight was to be the night that he asked. Not a better opportunity could come as to ask for the honor in front of his friends, his mates, his …. family.

Trudging along Tiplon began thinking of what he might say…. What could he possibly say to even hold a candle to the way he was feeling. Concentrating on that moment, his mind began to wander to the first days that he laid eyes on her… the moments that he had shared with her… the joy that he felt being in her presence.

Before he knew it, Tiplon had rounded the last bend toward the League Hall. Chuckling, he wondered how he crossed so much ground so quickly. The sun had been set for some time now, and candles lit the path toward the stables. There was much rustling about with many a squire running to do the bid of their lord. Smiling, Tiplon greeted each and every soul he came across. So many faces from times so long ago. The battles they have seen and the times they have shared were memories not long forgotten.

Tiplon took his time as he crossed the court yard, taking in everything that he could. The smells of boar on the pit and the sounds of the minstrels playing joyful tunes filled the air. Grinning widely Tip began to realize that this was now home. He began to cross the courtyard to the hall. Half way across he paused, seeing his old companion and friend, Sir Rhudd. Many an enemy had fallin to the charge of Rhudd and he. Many a battle heard the battle cries of the two. Rhudd was talking with several of the League as they climbed the stairs to the hall. Laughing and carrying on. Knowing that the bartender would be ready for the event and no doubt had his best ale ripe for the partakin, Tip began to close the gap between he and the ale. About mid ways to the door from where he had stood, a certain feeling came over the paladin. Stopping, he began to look about. The gravel crumbled under his large foot as he turned trying to find what he knew was there. As if by magic the crowd parted, just a little. The torch light flicked across the vision of beauty that stood not 30 paces from him. Tiplon’s breath left him, just for a second. Smiling as he allowed the scene to fill his eyes, he knew that he was ready. Sarekonna looked up from her conversation to see the paladin looking like a large fool, he was grinning from ear to ear looking her direction. She smiled back at him and continued in her conversation. Thinking that he was ten feet tall, Tiplon turned towards the bar knowing that he may be able to get a few ales down before the meeting commenced. He was a bit nervous, soooo…. This should be a good thing to calm the nerves a bit.
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Postby Crispian » Tue May 16, 2006 12:44 pm

The motion was automatic, not even something done with a slight thought any longer. The ivory mantle, stiff with needle work to show the grand tower, the blue chevron, and trimmed in a deep blue, whirled off his shoulders left to right, landing over Tannir's outstretched arm before the door had swung fully closed. The effecient aide-de-camp deposited the mantle and began to remove the ceremonial armor. Through the silence, there was a rising tension present.

"Not all that you planned, aye, Lord?" Tannir asked quietly at the thin, ornamental plates came easily off with each opened buckle.

Crispian scowled, yanking a vambrace off. "Not the venue I would have sought for such an announcement, true enough!" His gray eyes flashed as he angrily wrenched open another buckle. "In front of the League! Our allies! As if any of us could have said 'no' or even gained a delay in anwering such a declaration!"

Tannir was barely able to lift the breastplate clear as Crispian turned to the sideboard, pouring a dark amber liquid from a stoppered bottle. His threw it back in one swallow and refilled the glass.

"I'm sure he meant no duplicity, Lord," Tannir offered as he draped the armor over a manequin, securing it for storage until it was needed again. "And he did seem to have reasoned through what he needs to win the case over."

"Aye," Crispian intoned gravely, nodding as he drained off the second glass. "I wonder how thought through he has this," he said gloomily as he hurled himself down into a chair, one leg crooking over the arm.

"Well enough, I venture," Tobyas said dryly as he stepped through the door. He too had shed the ornate robes from the meeting and was in the simple cassock he favored. "Sir Tiplon is not, to my measure, a man of impulse. He seems one who thinks, weighs, decides then acts."

Cris threw him a withering gaze. "So seemed Tashtego and Herumor, both Knights and Lords, and look what happened with them?" The scowl he wore added years to his face and spoke heavily of the burden he shouldered in this matter.

Sarekonna had come to the League as his Ward, a sacred trust to nuture and foster her in growth and see that any suitor was acceptable, and worthy of her. Twice now that had turned out not to be the case, and once official matrimonial bans had needed to be rescinded and a declaration required from the Church. He did not want to stumble into such a morass of woes again, and was not sure that her heart could take another such turn. It had only been in the last months that she had been returning to the joyous girl she had been.

Tobyas shrugged, helping himself to a vodka as Tannir drapped black crepe over the manequin. "The true nature of a man is unknowable except by the divine, and for all you'd like it, that is a role that even in this matter you cannot reach."

Crispian snorted derisively. "I just don't want to see her hurt again, is all." His eyes, stormy a moment ago, softened as he sighed heavily.

"It is the way of the heart to be, at times, tormented," Toby said quietly, exchanging a look that carried empathy for what was happening. "But you can give thought to your challenge, and try to make sense for your heart in that."

Cris nodded again, pursing his lips. "Aye, that's true enough," he muttered, his thoughts running already.
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