The House of Aoibhell

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The House of Aoibhell

Postby Wraili » Tue May 09, 2006 3:45 pm

The fire crackled in the hearth in response to the rain outside as Wraili sat pondering what was, what is, and what will come. He ladled a cup of mulled wine from the pot, and sat back as Mellyora made her way across the room towards him.
“So,” said Mellyora, taking the seat beside him, lute in hand.
“So,” said Wraili, smiling warmly at her, “A good evening to stay indoors by a warm fire, don’t you think? Wine?”
“Very much so, and yes,” she agreed, checking the strings on her lute as Wraili ladled out another cup. “Weather like this plays a merry hell on my instruments, I can tell you.”
“I’ve found some of the same with my bow,” said Wraili. “It’s a shame our skills run to wood. Though, if our skills ran more to metal, I suppose then we would complain of rust, eh?” He handed the cup to Mellyora with a small flourish.
Mellyora giggled lightly and said, “I suppose so. Thank you.” She took the cup from his hand.
Wraili sat back again, sipping his wine. They sat in silent companionship for a few minutes, Mellyora tuning her lute. She tried an arpeggio, turned one of the knobs just the slightest of hairs, and began a soothing lullaby.
“May I ask you something?” asked Mellyora.
“Certainly,” he smiled.
“Where are you from?” she asked, her eyes downcast at her lute, her hands continuing to strum and pick, deceptively casual but painfully obvious.
“A small village near Erasleigh,” sighed Wraili, “It no longer exists.”
“I’m sorry,” she said, “I do not mean to cause you pain.”
“It is not painful. I honestly do not remember it,” he said, “The town was overrun and razed long ago, and I was not of an age to make a memory of it. I have no memory of my parents.”
“Who raised you?” asked Mellyora.
“Fae Aoibhell,” said Wraili. “She runs an orphanage in Camelot. From what she told me, a scout brought me and one other to her after happening on the village in the course of his patrols. My brother, Kronque, was the other. Though we are not brothers by blood, obviously, we share a small history and that makes us like kin. She taught us our letters, and a little figuring. It was not a bad childhood. Not nearly as bad as some I’ve heard of.”
“Is that why your last name is ‘Fae’?” Mellyora asked, “That has caused some confusion, you know. People thought you were in league with the enemy.”
“Is that what it was?” asked Wraili. “I had wondered why everyone was so strange at first. When we were children, people would refer to us as “Fae’s kids” or just “Fae’s”, though the orphanage itself was called The House of Aoibhell. We ended up identifying ourselves to people that way, and it stuck. Perhaps we ought to change it, to ease confusion. I will have to ask her permission, but I do not think she would mind if we were to take her last name as our own,” he said. “I’ll ask Kronque about it and see what he thinks. No one knows who our parents actually were, so we have no clue about what our surnames are. I’m fairly certain she will agree. It’s a way to honor her as the only mother we have known.”
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