Return to the Frontier.

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Return to the Frontier.

Postby Bashir » Thu May 18, 2006 11:51 am

Bashir was awakened by the sunlight pooling on his desk. Once again he had fallen asleep at his desk. Maps and scrolls were scattered all over. Candle wax puddled on top of papers and desk alike. Signs of many long nights. Reviewing maps to remember the lay of the land. Reading lore to find where the best magical items could be found. Investigating the ancient artifacts of Atlantis. He leaned back in his chair and stared at the map on the wall, remembering the return.
Bashir had returned to Camelot months ago but was still leary of the Frontier. His first fleeting foray was less than successful and the new strength of the enemy was startling. Instead of defending the realm, he turned his attention to training his young family and friends in the art of combat. Through that training, Bashir knocked the rust off. His insticts returned and his skills were honed.
Just 3 days ago, he took a small step to get the feel of the land. Venturing forth with Rathskellar, he found the enemy and marked a few with his arrows. It was not the most successful of nights but it wasn't the crashing failure the first day had been.
"Today is the day," he spoke softly to the map. "Today shall mark the day my return is complete." He stood and began his preperations to journey to the frontier. With bow slung over his back, Bashir ported to Castle Sauvage and consulted the recent reports of enemy activity. The results were alarming. Beno and Berk were blue while Surs was green. Flames were scattered across the map as towers were fought over. Blue and Red, Green and Blue, Red and Green crossed swords were spotted throughout. Seeing that the portal to Bold was still in service but that tower 4 was under attack, he quickly ported to the Keep. Stealthily he left Boldiam main and headed North for the tower.
Just outside of the tower, Bashir stopped and sent a report of the enemy activity. A group of 8 Mids were assaulting the door, which was barely on its hinges. At that moment a group of Albs arrived and engaged the foe. A kobold stepped back into the trees to try to cast from cover, unknowning placing himself well within the range of a bowshot. Bashir drew his bow and took his time lining up a critical shot. The arrow lept of the bow and struck home. The kobbie staggered but did not fall. A 2nd arrow quickly followed the first and drew more blood. The caster wheeled to find his attacker as a 3rd arrow struck home dropping the vile creature. For the first time in many months, the name Bashir was added to the scrolls of those who landed a killing blow. The little Midguardian was the first of many that would feel the bit of an arrow. While 9 more times that day, the name Bashir was known to have slain the enemy.
Pleasantly exhausted Bashir returned to his home and sat at his desk. It was a good day. A scout has returned and the enemy, equiped as they may, will still have to fear the name Bashir once more.
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