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((This is an assignment for the writing course I am taking. Just thought I would share))

“Mother, no!” The strident statement echoed through the halls of the keep, “I’ve told you before I won’t go!”

“Karistan,” Lady Jarista sighed “You must learn how to control your Talent.”

“I have control,” Karistan asserted, “I don’t need to go to any stupid school to learn what I already know,” Her blue eyes flashed with defiance.

“Just listen to yourself. You sound like a spoiled child, not a young woman of fifteen,” anger pushing past her patience, “It is obvious I have indulged you far too much since your father was killed. The law states all with Talent must learn to control that Talent. You will go to the city of Anquin and you will learn.”

Karistan opened her mouth to protest again and was stopped by the stony look on her mother’s face. She spun on her heel and marched stiffly from her mother’s sitting room.

Two hours later in the dappled shade of the woods surrounding the keep; in “their” clearing Karistan paced. Seated against a large oak was Aiden. A year older than Karistan he was apprenticed to the Hunt Master. They had been best friends for longer than either of them remembered. In the last few months they had been cautiously edging closer to more than friends.

“She doesn’t understand!” Karistan complained “How can I leave all this?” she flung out a hand to encompass all of the lands surrounding the keep. “To be cooped up in some stuffy crowded city. How can I leave you?”

Aiden sat and listened to Karistan rant and complain with the same quiet intensity he did everything. Now that her anger was burning itself out she collapsed next to him. Her head bowed and her breath catching a little with unshed tears. He leaned forward and took her hand in his rubbing her palm with his thumb. Karistan relaxed enjoying the delightful shivers his touch gave her.

“I think perhaps, in this, Lady Jarista is right,” his clear grey eyes unreadable.

“What!” Karistan yelped. “How can you say that?” She jerked her hand away

Aiden sighed, “Kari, no matter what you may claim to others we both know your control is not what it should be.”

“I don’t know what you mean.” her voice quivered.

Aiden looked pointedly at a spot just over Kari’s shoulder. She knew without looking what was there; a large rock blackened and cracked. It had happened a few weeks after her father had been killed. Overwhelmed by grief and anger her power had exploded out of her.

Kari’s face flamed not only with embarrassment but anger that Aiden would mention it.

Why was everyone turning against her? Didn’t they care how she felt? Why did they want her gone so badly? As she got more upset a wind sprang up from no where. It lashed the trees around them causing them to groan.

Aiden gave her a sharp shake, “Kari, stop this. You’re going to hurt someone.”

Kari looked into his eyes and saw the fear and anger clouding them. Aiden had never looked at her like that before. Karistan jerked away from him so hard she stumbled back a few paces.

“You’re just like them. You think I don’t see everyone flinch away from me? Even my own mother, I thought you were my friend. I thought you would be on my side no matter what.”

With each statement Kari’s voice grew more hysterical and the wind gusted more violently. A small stone hurtled at Aiden as if thrown from a sling. It caught him at the temple driving him too his knees. Seeing Aiden fall brought Kari sharply back to her senses. The wind died as suddenly as it had sprung up leaving behind it an eerie silence.

Before Kari could think of anything to say the silence was broken by a booming crack. Too numb to react she could only watch as the oak they had been sitting under, broken by the force of the wind, fell towards her. Aiden was not so paralyzed; he threw himself forward knocking Kari out of the way.

Kari scrambled to her feet and over to the corpse of the tree. Trapped beneath its branches Aiden lay motionless.

“Oh God! No! Please no!” She crawled through the branches as carefully as she could. She sobbed with relief when she was finally close enough to see he was still breathing.

Thankfully Aiden was not crushed by the trunk of the tree but his legs were trapped under the smaller upper branches. She couldn’t leave him here to go get help; anything might happen while she was gone. She also knew her mother would send searchers for her if she didn’t return soon. If she could just get Aiden out from under the tree she could tend him until help arrived.

Grimly determined Kari reached for Aiden’s belt and the small hatchet he always wore there. Taking care to jar him as little as possible Kari began cutting the branches.

Aiden was safe; he had made it through with only a broken leg and some cuts and bruises. Kari’s hands were tender yet, they had been raw and bleeding when she had finished cutting him from the tree. Now she hovered uncertainly at the door to the infirmary.

“You can come in,” Aiden called out cheerfully “I won’t bite you.”

“Aiden I’m so sorry I can’t even begin to tell you.”

“Its okay Kari,” he gripped her hand when she shook her head, “I mean it, I know you never meant to hurt me.”

Kari felt relief wash over her when she saw the forgiveness in Aiden’s eyes, “Thank you,” she said softly, “I’m leaving tomorrow for school. I still think I’ll hate it, but you and Mama were right I must learn control.”

Aiden pulled her closer and gently kissed her, “I’ll be here when you get back.”

Kari smiled brightly “And I will be back as soon as they let me.”
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