[OOC] Connecting with Other Roleplayers

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[OOC] Connecting with Other Roleplayers

Postby Tavriel Tyne » Sun Sep 10, 2006 2:06 pm

There were lots of great suggestions from the rally. One that stood out as a promising option for connecting with other roleplayers was to try to keep a public chat group open as often as possible. All that would really be needed to keep it open are two people - then others can join in as they please.

-- Anyone can start the chat and make it public. If you do not see a CG open, please start one.
-- People who join the chat just to make trouble can be /disbanded by the chat leader.
-- /who CG generally doesn't reveal too many public chat groups, so the RP CG should be relatively easy to find

Naturally this idea will only work well if people are committed to it, so I'd like to try it out and see what sort of interest there is. Please give this idea a go, and as time goes on, give feedback on how well it is working in each realm.

This should not be seen as something to replace roleplaying in any other channel but simply a possible way to more easily locate others interested in actively roleplaying.
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Postby Crispian » Thu Sep 14, 2006 7:19 pm

Doing that now
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Postby Allonan Tarmac » Fri Sep 15, 2006 11:23 am

Submitted by Inese, RP TL
Calling all Roleplayers! I need your help!

1. Getting information out:
I need to know what the main web sites are for the various realms/servers on Tintagel. If you know of one where you'd like to see Roleplay events and information posted, please pass that information along to me.

2. Guilds:
If you are part of or know of an active roleplaying guild, please submit that information to me. The lists currently in existence are at best partial and outdated, so I'd appreciate any new information.

3. Events:
Starting on the 11th, there will be repeating weekly roleplaying events in all three realms on Tintagel. Monday and Friday nights will be "Tavern Nights", 8pm to 10pm est - Cullin's In in Tir na Nog for Hibernia, Whispering Wyvern in Camelot for Albion, and Koparens Marknard in Jordheim for Midgard. Wednesday nights at 8pm est will be Expedition Nights. Each Wednesday the expedition will have a different goal. Currently we have volunteers for Hibernia and Albion, but we are still in need for Midgard. Please see the VN Role Playing forum or the DAoCRoleplayNexus forum for full details.

All information can be submitted to my email - sinnocentdezire at yahoo dot com.

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