Nostalgia for any who are interested - ooc commentary ok

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Nostalgia for any who are interested - ooc commentary ok

Postby Sarekonna » Fri Mar 02, 2007 7:12 pm


OK, this story has to have an introduction or explanation.

As anyone who was reading the story of Sarekonna knows, it died an abrupt and sudden death. There were many things going on at the time both personal and in game that just made it impossible for me to continue wit it.

I've been going through an old PC looking for notes on another story I've been writing (not daoc related) and I stumbled across what would have been my next post on the story. I remeber that I always regretted not posting it because the event itself was so monumental for the League.

This event took place in our golden age. When this in game guild event happened we had players who role played, those who just listened, those who really just wanted to rvr and probably just about every other kind of player we've ever had. This one event fed all those players.

During this one night the League went to Midgard (old frontiers) took a keep (I remember Glavace's cursing when he discovered which keep I had decided Sarekonna's father was in charge of...never the easy ones) held it for 24 game hours, held off midgard attacks, promoted 3 members to knighthood back when that title was still hard to get, one of them on the field and roleplayed the entire time this was happening.

It was an amazingly successful event (lucky for Sarekonna since it lifted her curse!). If you pay attention, you'll even see what sparked Mellyora's birth!

Anyways, for old time's sake I hope you enjoy this look at our past. Please feel free to make any comments you like.

The Lift of Sarekonna's Curse

Maegus Edaev frowned as he pondered the Paladin across from his desk. Finally erring on the side of caution he shook his head.

“I am sorry, but she is not safe for visitors.” It hurt him to seclude her so, but she had grown more and more unpredictable and he could not risk the young man across from him.

“Please Magus, I must.” Cerrick’s gaze was intense as he spoke with Magus Edaev, he was determined that he would not leave without seeing her. She had to know that he was back and safe and he needed to see her condition as well.

Edaev returned his look measuring him. He had been tempted several times during the past week to allow Lord Tashtego as well to visit her. Maybe it would help her to see some of them. “It may do her good to see one of the League, but I warn you, she may not be herself”

“I understand Magus.” Cerrick answered gravely, “I am familiar with her condition.”

“It has deteriorated since you left.”

“I am prepared.” Cerrick’s look had intensified as he sensed victory.

Leading Cerrick through several twisting passages they at last came to a guarded door.

“Yell to them if you are in need.” Magus Edaev instructed Cerrick who nodded his consent. The door was unbolted and pushed open and Cerrick strode in.

The room was dark and bare but seemed large when he finally spotted her huddle in the corner. A light was brought in before the door was closed leaving the two alone. Sarekonna blinked as she adjusted to the light and she pulled her knees up closer to her chest. Cerrick frowned as he noticed the scrapes and scratches on her hands and arms that were currently hugging her knees to her.

Cerrick shook his head sadly, “M’lady?”

Sarekonna looked up at him, a dull expression in her eyes for a moment.

“M’lady? Can you hear me?”

“Cerrick?” Sarekonna’s voice was a mere whisper as tears sprung to her eyes. She thought surly a cruel trick was being played on her, for she knew now that Cerrick was a prisoner.

Cerrick bent down on his knees seeking to reassure her, “Yes, m’lady. It is I.”

She tentatively reached out to him as she felt a tickle in her mind. Maeva had become aware of some activity and was curious as to who had joined Sarekonna. She gasped inwardly as she saw him and immediately took control. They’d gain no comfort from each other not after what the two of them had done to her family.

Sarekonna’s eyes grew cold. “YOU!” she hissed.

Cerrick stood suddenly taking a few steps backwards as Sarekonna herself stood. She would strike him down with a spell and that would be the end of both of them she thought. He would die now, and she would hang later. With that gleeful thought Sarekonna raised her hands readying to cast a spell.

Magus Edaev made his way down to the grounds surrounding Adribard’s Retreat. He knew the one he sought would be here as he had seen him often over the last weeks and was sure he had not ventured far. As he scanned the horizon he saw the object of his quest hunched over speaking to a young lad bearing the standards of St. Crispin’s League.

His brow creasing in concern he hastened his steps towards the pair. Tashtego noticing his approach stood up straighter.

“It is time, ae must take her now.” Edaev nodded grateful this moment had finally come.

“Sir Cerrick is with her now, I was just coming to ask you to visit her as well. I believe the isolation has been too much.”

Tashtego’s mouth tightened as he regarded him. He had thought that all along but had not questioned the man he knew was the only father she had truly ever known. He simply nodded and followed Magus Edaev into the main building and up to Sarekonna’s rooms. His chest tightened as he saw the guards who watched over her and he clenched his fists in anticipation as he waited for the Magus to open her door.

His heart twisted at the sight of her. She was pale, gaunt dark circles under her eyes, and her hands and arms covered in scrapes and scratches from what he did not know as he suddenly realized she was about to cast.

Seeing Edaev enter the room Maeva quickly released Sarekonna allowing her to lower her arms. She had a sudden desire to hurt the girl in the presence of these three people. They all cared for her so much and Maeva found it infuriating. Briefly she wondered why then pushed it aside as the large highland approached her. Unable to help herself, she took a step back.

“Sarekonna?” he said looking intently at her, “Sarekonna? It’s me…”

“Lord, she is not herself it appears.” Cerrick provided sadly not wanting to see him hurt.

Sarekonna turned on Cerrick her attention brought back to him and she scowled angrily at him. “You brought ruin to my family!” she accused.

“Me? Whatever do you mean?” Cerrick asked clearly surprised.

Sarekonna startled stunned herself by the words that had just come out of her mouth. She shook her head as Tashtego knelt down next to her. Tears slipped down her cheeks as she twisted her hands together then settled to picking at a tear in her dress that she had obviously been working at.

Tashtego whispered soothingly to her holding her hands pulling them away from dress.

“She’s tearing herself apart…” Cerrick shook his head sadly.

Maeva made to gain further control of Sarekonna and the situation. Things were growing desperate for her and she herself felt as if she would soon lose her mind. She continued picking at the fabric until a small hole was torn in her dress.

“M’Lady?” Cerrick asked hesitantly. She looked up at him her hands clenched in the fabric as she started ripping her hem to shreds.

“Sarekonna?” Tashtego asked growing worried as he watched her ruining the fabric of her dress. She looked between the two of them not answering and smiled as she was finally successful in tearing a large strip from the dress.

“If you two care for her so much you should help her to return home. I could help her with this trouble if she were with me.”

Cerrick rubbed his forehead in confusion. She had not been this bad prior to his leaving and it was if it were not even her talking. Tashtego confirmed it as he saw the confused look on his face.

“Don worry Cerrick, tis nae Sarekonna speakin.”

Cerrick nodded, “Of course but it seems to be gaining greater control over her.”

Maeva found herself growing irritated with them speaking over her as if she were not in the room and she turned her attention to Cerrick.

Tashtego hated looking at her this way, but he knew it was not Sarekonna who was seeing him. Fixing the coldest expression he could on his face he said, “Sarekonna is who ae wish ta speak with, nae whoever ye are”

Giving Tashtego the briefest of glances she continued her scrutiny of Cerrick. She smiled prettily as she continued shredding the dress ripping more and more of it knowing that it was disturbing both men. Finally, she addressed Cerrick.

“Don't you remember me darling? But then you did seem to enjoy spending time with my husband more.”

A brief look of shock was replaced by one of anger as his eyes narrowed, “You” he almost hissed out.

Tashtego looked confused by the sudden coldness coming from Cerrick and he looked to him for an explanation.

“Who is it?” he asked.

Cerrick’s voice was tight with anger and disgust. “Tis the wife of Lord Raithas, that honorless dog.”

“Her name?” Tashtego asked wishing to know who he was so often addressing.

“Honorless?” Sarekonna laughed, “You were eager enough to please him.”

Cerrick turned to Tashtego, “Her name is Maeva.” Then, turning back to Sarekonna he said, “Yes, I know quite well how you heathens encourage ‘cooperation’.”

“So then, Maeva…” Sarekonna laughed at Cerrick’s words as she tuned to Tashtego cutting him off.

“and you...I know who you are.” She grinned wickedly at him.

Tashtego ignored her statement, “You have taken me Sarekonna from me an ae will have her back .... why nae jes end this now before ae come callin ta yer door in the middle o the nigh”

“She was taken from us first! You never would have known her if she had been raised properly!”

“But that is already said and done, and you have no right to force her against her own will,” Cerrick countered.

Tashtego nodded, “tha is a moot point Maeva ... she has been raised with us regardless, an now ye think ye can jes steal her away from those who lo...... who care for .... her”

Tears fell down Sarekonna’s cheek and she slammed her fist into the floor opening some of the small scrapes on her hand. “If it were up to me you could have her back,” she hesitated then slammed her hand into the floor again causing herself to cry out.

“Sarekonna!” Tash reached down picking her up off the floor.

Cerrick shook his head, “This is pointless.” His voice softened, “Lady Sarekonna, please, I know you're in there. Fight back. Cast her out.”

Sarekonna pulled away from Tashtego and turned on him, “Release her at once! Let her come home!” her voice grew deadly quiet, “Release her at once or I shall kill her.

Tashtego grabbed her quickly pinning her hands behind her back as he pulled her close to him. Cerrick made the sign of the cross his eyes narrowing in anger.

“No, YOU will do no such thing.” Cerrick growled.

“…something tells me ye do nae wish ta be responsible for her death.” Tashtego added.

Sarekonna struggled to no effect for a few seconds before giving a tiny scream of frustration and stamping on Tash’s foot with all her strength. He winced a bit as she suddenly slumped in his arms and he found himself having to catch her.

Picking her up in his arms he took the opportunity to talk to Cerrick quickly. “It is time me brother.” He whispered. Forces gather at Castle Sauvage and they wait fer us to join them with Sarekonna.”

Sarekonna began to stir and quietly started sobbing, “Tash, Cerrick” she choked out hoarsely, “OH Cerrick!” her voice caught on a sob as she realized he had been returned.

“Nae, its alrigh, its alrigh,” Tash whispered to her as he set her on her feet. “Sarekonna, do ye know whas goin on? Why ye are here?"

Sarekonna caught her breath lowering her gaze, “Because I'm bad...because I hurt Cerrick and I killed Crispian...”

Tashtego sighed exasperated. It did not really surprise him that she thought this. “Me brother Crispian is fine. Ye have nae killed him an ye are nae bad, but ye are being manipulated by somethin.” Cerrick added his own voice to the confirmation.

“Sarekonna you have to be strong now, it’s time to go. Cerrick and I have come to take you home.” Sarekonna looked surprised and confused, she felt a tickle in her mind, but she succeeded in pushing it down.

The two men exchanged meaningful glances then walked towards the door. The guards had left but Sarekonna felt reluctant to step through the door. Magus Edaev then entered with a glass full of an amber colored liquid.

“Sarekonna, you must drink this, it will aid Tashtego and Cerrick in bringing you home.” She looked fearfully at Magus Edaev. He handed the glass to Tashtego then and took her into a comforting embrace. “Do not worry lass, all will be fine. These two warriors will keep you safe.”

Sarekonna nodded briefly before accepting the glass from Tashtego and draining the contents. Slowly she felt her mind slipping away from her. However, instead of the usual distress and exhaustion she felt when Maeva fought for control, everything became blissful. She smiled vacantly at the three men. Who were they? It didn’t matter. They were taking her somewhere, but that didn’t matter either. Hmmm… that one was frowning, it was too bad it marred his appearance, but truly, she didn’t care.


Sarekonna felt herself coming back to her senses as she heard Lord Glavace ordering everyone below stairs. She took in her surroundings feeling suddenly panicked. She felt a rush at her mind as Maeva, furious at being denied for so long sought to gain quick control. Sarekonna put up no struggle as she stood horrified to find herself again in her father’s keep. We’re not there, we’re safely away from your wretched attackers. Sarekonna shuddered.

She turned as she noticed Father Tobyas sweeping off his coif as he quickly approached her. She heard Maldroth below calling for someone to salvage rams and repair doors. They had invaded her home, and she was furious. She heard Rhudd offering to repair doors.

That Tashtego stood near her, holding her hand and he whispered to her “Jes as ae promised ye, ae would see ye ta the end of this.”

Maeva tried to yank her hand away, but Tashtego held onto it firmly. “You will not have her back!”

Tashtego’s eyes narrowed as he regarded Sarekonna, “Ae will ave her back, she does nae belon ta ye”

Sarekonna jerked away and raced to the edge of the wall. If they were not going to get her back then no one would have her. She eyed the point she would leap from then gave out a surprised shout as she felt arms wrap tightly around her and she was pulled close to Tashtego.

“LET HER GO MAEVA!” he shouted.

He turned her and she could see the Master Sorcerer setting out totems in a circle and whispering to each of them. The cleric again was approaching them near where they stood by the wall. She hoped a stray arrow would catch her.

She again turned her attention to Tashtego and scowled at him pushing against him in an effort to get free. She watched furiously as Glavace made symbols to his totems in the same order they were placed. She struggled again starting to feel an overwhelming sense of panic, but Tashtego held her easily.

Tobyas bowed his head in front of her and started praying as he called to divine power.

“Ye tol me ye wanted no part of her the other day, now LET HER GO!!”

“NO! I can’t!” There was a sound of desperation in her voice now. She looked about as she realized someone was speaking to her, pleading with her but it was not here…it was…Raithas. She let out a gasp, and then Sarekonna sagged against Tashtego crying.

She heard Tash whispering soothingly to her, calling her back and the blessings that Father Tobyas was calling down upon her to protect and defend her. Again she looked further in to where Glavace was now chanting to the totems “Witch, you have no power here, thy temple is now mine.”

“Tash, I’m sorry Tash” Sarekonna whispered in despair. She did not know how she would ever break free of this and she sobbed as she watched Father Tobyas sag to the ground exhausted from his prayers. Sweat rolling down his face despite the chill of the Midgard air.

Tobyas produced a small book, an ivory crucifix and holy water. Then he kissed a stole and draped it around his shoulders.

Tash looked at Sarekonna in confusion. “Sarekonna? Is tha you? Please Sarekonna, ae beg of ye let this work.”

Tobyas caught her attention once again, “Sarekonna Maria MacCailein, you are made in the Lord’s image, by His Hand. Call to him now in your need.”

But then her attention again was diverted to Glavace as he began chanting in a language she couldn’t understand and Tobyas continued whispering prayers.

Again, Sarekonna slumped in Tash’s arms, and he caught her just in time as they heard the call from below that Mids were incoming.

The Bowmen around the keep shouted “They’re here! Take aim and let your arrows fly swiftly into them!”

Tashtego shouted to Glavace as he moved Sarekonna away from the wall, “GLAVACE! BE QUICK!”

“Help me Tash” she whispered to Tashtego and he turned her towards him.

“Sarekonna! Listen ta me…ye ave ta figh for me…ae…,” he choked on his words before continuing, “ae can cannae lose ye again”

Sarekonna looked away as she heard the shouts of her guild mates and the chants of Glavace. She looked at Glavace watching him chant, a look of confusion on her face. Tash turned her face so that she was looking at him again. Father Tobyas moved to her side and continued his prayers.

Below, Sarekonna could hear calls for power and resurrections. She squeezed her eyes shut but she heard Tashtego again promise not to leave her side and she leaned against him. There was a rip in her mind as if Maeva had tried to leave, but there was a terrible feeling of emptiness. Something was still not right. She felt Tashtego’s arms still around her comforting and keeping her close at the same time.

“They are trying to raise the dead!” she heard someone shout.

“Can someone raise Mithralin please?”

Someone announced the death of a Scout and a Knight Commander as well as 8 enemies in the area.

Glavace continued his quick chants.

“I’ll try to raise them!”

She listened listlessly to the shouts as her guild mates attempted to repel the Midgard warriors from retaking the keep.

Tashtego hesitated knowing he had needed supplies to help defend the keep yet not wanting to leave Sarekonna’s side. Finally, he left her in Tobyas’ care and quickly went below.

“Let’s have at these filthy beasts!” she heard someone shout.

She heard Tashtego shouting for someone to take his supplies, Tobyas gripped her hands as he continued praying his lips moving quickly. She squeezed her eyes shut again as a sense of dread began to overtake her.

For a moment it seemed as if the Midgard warriors would break through, reports of Albion deaths kept coming in.

Glavace continued his fast chant and Sarekonna wondered briefly what it was he was saying. She felt Tashtego again take her in his arms whispering apologies to her. She lay listless against him as she watched the dawn rising from their spot near the wall. She found it difficult to care anymore about the shouts around her. She closed her eyes.

As the sun rose over the horizon Glavace, wiping his forehead spoke, “And with the dawning of the new day, I end thy curse Sarekonna, you are now whole again, and I send this to the witch three fold. So it is done, so it must be, let us prevail this day! And the great Saint Crispin be praised!”

“Mids repelled again!” someone shouted.

Sarekonna felt a wrenching in her mind as the connection between her and Maeva was finally broken. She cried out as it happened clasping at her head and also before she was totally gone, she knew that Maeva had cried out as well.

“I need wood and the bucket!” Rhudd was yelling.

“They are re-blessing and dealing with wounded.”

Sarekonna found herself trying to place the voices as she lay listlessly against Tash. She felt confused, not really sure where she was.

Glavace collected his totems. Then, looking at Sarekonna he approached her giving her a hug. She looked at him, confused still unsure what had just happened. His eyes hardened as he finally heard the calls to battle and he started casting spells to prepare himself. Then giving Sarekonna another kind look he said, “Welcome to your true family Sarekonna, we have missed you.” He squeezed her arm then went on to the wall to view the progress of the battle below.

Tashtego wrapped her in his arms holding her close. He was worried as he saw the far away expression on her face. He wasn’t convinced she was back though Glavace had seemed unconcerned by her demeanor.

“Ae am here Sarekonna.” He murmured to her as she looked around as if trying to understand something.

Again, she heard a bowman nearby call to the others to make ready as the enemy approached. Suddenly she startled jerking upright and away from Tashtego.

“Why are we here?” she asked in alarm, recognizing for the first time that she was again in her father’s keep.

“They are against the door!” someone shouted.

“We are breakin the spell tha be o’er ye.” Tash replied to her calmly as he sought to capture her eyes with his own and to help her focus.

“Ram on the door!”

“Should we rush out?”


That last voice was Father Tobyas, she knew that voice.

“Spell?” she returned her attention to Tashtego trying to focus on what he was saying, then suddenly, realization struck her. “Tash!” she cried and she flung her arms around him. Tash in turn squeezed her as close to him as he could as relief flooded over him.

“Ae shall n’er let ye go again.” He whispered as he continued to hold her in his embrace.

“Prepare to defend our Lord!” She heard Tobyas’ cry and she craned her neck around to see what was happening.

“Let’s prepare for them back at the entry!”

Over the shouts Sarekonna again heard Glavace’s clear voice as he promoted Shalomar to knighthood for effort in leading the raid. Sarekonna smiled as she heard the many congratulations that followed even as the members prepared to defend against the Mids for a final time.

“Knock the ram down!”


Sarekonna held tight to Tash’s arm as a flood of memories came back to her. Both from before she had left and from the time she had been influenced by Maeva.

“Oh my lord.” Sarekonna said quietly as she watched Father Tobyas bless Lord Tarreant who was holding the keep for Albion. She began to realize what was happening as Tashtego held her hand tightly. “We have to help.” He was reluctant to leave her but he nodded as he left her near Father Tobyas. She began casting her own helpful spells on those around her as she waited for the Midgard foe to break through the doors. She prayed for their safety as all who were here had come to help her. She wondered briefly if Lord Crispian was there. She still could not shake the nasty feeling that she had done him some ill.

“The ram is down!” she heard answering cheers to the announcement, and she sighed in relief.

Tobyas finally having a moment to breath smiled wearily at her, “Welcome home good Lady Sarekonna”


They both jumped at announcement of another attack. Tobyas jumped to attention and called another warning. “Here they come!”

Sarekonna noticed several of her guild mates standing at the edge of wall unable to move. She began clearing their minds of the paralyzing spell so that they were able to rejoin the battle and defense. She scanned the warriors in the courtyard and smiled as she found Tashtego.

“How much time must we buy for the ceremony?” someone shouted

“Ceremony is complete Sarekonna is cured!” Cheers arose at the answer and Sarekonna smiled and blushed again realizing that these people had all come to her aid.

“Prepare to fall back to the Lord’s Room!” The command was called throughout the keep and all the members of St. Crispin’s League prepared to defend the Lord again.

Sarekonna lingered on the steps watching the doors, Rhudd touched her arm as he passed on his way up. “Come on Sarekonna” she smiled at him making ready to follow him up when she saw a group of them break through the doors. She cast a paralyzing spell at them and then swiftly ran after Rhudd.

They stood around the Lord ready to defend him.

“Where are they?” someone asked.

“Gate wide open and they didn’t come in…” Maldroth answered the question.

“They’ll be along, don’t worry.”

“They’ve gone down the hill! They’re trying to draw us down!”

There were many answering shouts not to fall for the trick and to stay with the Lord.

Suddenly, there was a report that a lone minstrel Erikia was picking off the foes and more cheers answered it.

As the doors were repaired Tashtego found his was to Sarekonna embracing her in a hug again and kissing her softly on the forehead.

“Ae am glad ye are back me sweet Sarekonna” She smiled up at him glad to back as well.

“Where is Lord Crispian?” she whispered to him.

“He could nae make it, but he is well.” Tash answered her knowing what she was thinking.

“He is not dead?” she said it more as a statement then a question more to reassure herself then to really hear the reply.

“Of course nae” Tash answered

Father Tobyas, hearing the questioning looked up almost alarmed. “Dead? Nyet!” he answered.

She looked almost apologetically at Tobyas, “Is he ill?”

“He is jes fine.” Tash answered her.

Tobyas smiled, “No, he has just gotten us a villa!” Sarekonna smiled weakly at him relieved slightly by their assurances, but still wanting to see him for herself.

“An soon we ae shall … um … we shall … ave ye safe a home.” Tashtego began stumbling over his words and Sarekonna regarded him questioningly for the first time noticing that he had been acting very strangely around her, but then deciding that it was the stress of the situation she brushed it off.

She looked over to him shuddering slightly as she remembered where she was. “Aye, I do not like it here.”

“N’er do ae” he replied.

“Can we go home?” she hasked hopefully.

“Aye,” he answered, “we be makin the preparations now.”

(this happened July 2003)
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Postby Drakonyan » Sun Mar 18, 2007 2:15 am

its not a RP rreply, so I posted it at the above link, but wow! Melly that is GREAT!!! you captured every thing that was going on! WOW!!!!


if you want a few pointers:
1. more on the knighting
2. more back story of what got us there
3. a bit more on the minst that saved our ass and then asked if it was ok since this was a Role-play event and she was not sure if we wanted help LOL
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Postby Sarekonna » Sun Mar 18, 2007 9:41 am

You know I ALWAYS want pointers and requests or anything like that...but it would be helpful to get them on stories I am currently feel free to jump in and comment on Darkness :)

As I said before, this piece was actually written over 3 years ago. I'm not even sure how "finished" it was. It was just such a great night that I really felt it belonged here on the boards even if the story was long dead.

I know that I mentioned the other two knightings in the post that would have followed, but it would be my hope that if anyone wanted to add that part to the story at that time they would have jumped in and written either from the knight's perspective or the knightee's perspective. My recounting of it was all the information that Sarekonna really had from her perspective.

If anyone wants any of the back story leading to that event, just read Sarekonna it will get you right to that point. That would have been the next post on that story.

With the minstrel who saved they day, again I hope that someone else who had more information on it would have jumped in. As one of the people there just for roleplay (I was no where near 50 at the time) I wasn't really the person our lone minstrel was communicating with. Everything I wrote about her was everything I knew.

These are all perfect examples though of why people should chat behind the scenes of any current stories. I love feedback and input and never want to leave my readers hanging :)
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