The Drakonyan Levy - part 1

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The Drakonyan Levy - part 1

Postby Drakonyan » Wed Mar 05, 2008 7:50 pm

The Regally slim elf, Glavace, dressed in teal robes trimmed with silver, spoke next, “Our numbers are low, and the Drakonyan Levy is all but gone.” Glavace sighed “We need new blood and greater numbers; perhaps it is time to join the war with others until we can regain the splendor that House Drakonyan once held.” Shadows fell over the five that stood in the wind swept tower. The mood had gone from millennially to dismal with these few words. The two Elves both trimmed in sliver, one wearing the darkest of teal robes, the other in tight leathers dyed a similar shade of teal, the shade you would see the morning sky seconds before the darkest of nights broke to day.
The Elf Rasputyn spoke hollowly “I agree, what choice do we few have, the Green-skins have allied themselves with the Dark ones, and we have no other option that I can see.” The only human there, Darnyk, also dressed in that same nightly leather teal, cleared his throat, “This night may… may be the end of our Levy as we have known it, and its strength, but I hold out hope. We may have to join another ban, and fight under the banner of another, but as our blood flows, and our colors adorned our backs, we shall never truly be extinct.” There was a long pause where no one spoke. “My brothers, we have fought long and hard. We have lost many friends and family,” Darnyk paused again for a short time; the wind was causing a low hum as it enter the darkened tower windows. “BUT we have taken more of the Dark ones and Green-skins with us than they have of us! I am the last of my kin, the House Drakonyan, and you are my most trusted advisers and generals! I swear this to you” As Darnyk spoke, the sun began to break and cause the shadows over all that stood there to darken. “That be we solely of the great Drakonyan Levy or of another banner! We few shall prevail over all that stands in our way! We few will triumph over all that face us! We few that have the Light of the Gods with us!”
The other four there, the two Elves and two Dwarves dress in the same dark teal robes and leathers trimmed in sliver silk all began to beat their staves, weapons, and shields in agreement. The sun had finally begun to clear the horizon far to the east of the mountainous forest. The small teal runic glass globe that hung above their heads was the first to catch its brilliance and danced the room in the Drakonyan colors and emblem of a single dragon rampant on the walls marked with many glowing runes.

“To this end, we must infiltrate all areas of the Alliance; we shall make that our mission now, before all others. We must find those with our values, yet, I do not think a group such as ours will be welcomed opened handed into many of the guilds or clans that the leaders of the alliance are trying to form.” Darnyk’s voice had dropped “It may be best if we separate for a time, and try to get in close to the armies of the Alliance.”
The Dwarf Achou spoke next in a low gruff “I am not sure I like this plan, Darnyk, we have always worked together as a team, and vehemently refused to be separated in the past when the Alliance Kings have tried.” He looked around at the others whose faces that had once again sunken into the shadows as the light from the orb faded, “you all know our means are not the way the alliance wanted things done. Even I as a Priest have bent the laws of my god to fit the will of the Levy. You have as well Darnyk, to your own God, as has our Brother, Glavace.” At the words every one shifted lightly, although the hint of a grin could be seen crossing their lips.

Rasputyn stood, his leather armor moving with every muscle, “Yes, out means are not the kindest, yet they get the job done. I for one have to agree with the Head of the House Drakonyan, and Marshal of the Levy.” He took out a small silver dagger and fidgeted with it between his fingers as he began to pace the lightening room. “None of use are unfamiliar with working in the shadows, nor are any of use unfamiliar with solo missions. We have all done them from time to time.” The short elf paused and look directly at the dwarven priest. “We are not taking about the total death of out Levy. We shall still be working towards the same goal. But Darnyk does have a strong point, there are few groups out there that would let us into their inner circles of command if we showed up at once.” Glyn grunted his agreement, lighting a short iron pipe with some broadleaf stuffed in it. As the sun rose higher in the sky, the moods seemed to lighten with the pale pink sky. Looking out the window, Rasputyn could see smoke from the morning camp fires rising out of the woodlands east of them.
“Ya all knows I will dos’ what ever’s needed ta be done” Achou, The smallest member of the party chirped as he stood and moved away from the light pipe. “I tos agree that’s we needs to divide to conquer, wes just needs a way ta easily gets ahold of each others. Incase somethings goes wrong.”
With a long stretch, Darnyk also stood, his leathers loose on his body coved in a large woolen over cloak. “ok, ok, so it is agreed. Glyn, can you make us something to stay in contact, so we can know if some-one is in trouble or has news?” Darnyk washed his face in the blow near the window, then turned to the group at hand. “There is one more thing we must do while we look for a safe group to meld into, our brother, Parkyr has been missing for some weeks now. We must find out if he is lost, killed, or worse.” They all nodded in agreement.

“The time has come my brothers, my most trusted friends, my last of the Drakonyan Levy.” Darnyk was saying as he walked around handing each one two smooth dark teal pebbles. “One is for you to keep on you at all times. The other is for Parkyr, whom ever finds him alive. I shall head to the Duchy of Talabecland first, I trust the rest of you know places that you can blend in well, and gain trust.” He hung is head low pulling he dark cloak over his head, fully hiding the assortment of weapons and symbols he had on his body. “Do be careful, I do cannot loose any more of you. Try to stay near or in the larger cities. And keep us posted on every thing that happens.” Darnyk heal out his left had with the holy mark over top a dragon rampart inked upon it. “For the Levy, For the House, DRAKONYAN!” all other reached out there left hand and repeated “FOR THE LEVY! FOR THE HOUSE! DRAKONAYN!”
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Re: The Drakonyan Levy - part 1

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