Chromys: Beginning Again (WAR)

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Chromys: Beginning Again (WAR)

Postby Chromys » Wed Oct 01, 2008 9:58 am

Autumn had come and with it the occasional chill breeze and cold dreary drizzle. Chromys sat alone on a small bench in the crisp Autumn light of the Shadowland forests; Deep within that thick wood in a small glade which he would come to often to contemplate and meditate, he sat. The small bench was overgrown with crawling ivy but Chromys found its distinct metallic frame comforting and good for his back.

Many things had happened since the Sundering. Chromys thought back on that time now.

“Curse Malekith!” he thought. “Curse him and his mother!”

He closed his eyes and let the pain go with an easy long breath. There are many casualties in war; and the ones that are often affected the most, are the ones who often have the least to do with the conflict. He opened his eyes and gazed upon the small grave which he had come to visit.

He could blame the grave before him on many things, but his painful truth was that his own arrogance was most at fault. The Winds of Magic can be as dangerous as they are beautiful; as terrifying as they are miraculous. They are a great boon as well as a burden and the instruction of the Winds of Magic is a delicate artful craft best left to the Grand Masters. A Man might be taught a single Wind- as they only have the time in their limited life to Master but one.

Reaching into the pouch on his belt, Chromys produced a handful of nuts and generously tossed them about the mound of earth before him. While they were not here now, in his presence, he knew the squirrels would come. He knew they were as fond of the person buried before him as he was.

“It has been good visiting within you again old friend.” And using his staff Chromys stood.

The Druchii had returned. It was time now Chromys knew to begin again. It was a dangerous world that thrust itself upon him. The High Elves in strange alliances with Man and Dwarf- He would not allow the evil of the Druchii to invade their homeland. He would not allow Chaos a single inch or the Greenskin threat any victory. The time had come to stand for what was good and pure in this world. The time had come to defend those who, perhaps like his friend here, could not defend themselves.

“Am I ready for such?” he asked the small grave.

Making his way through the forest down a meandering trail Chromys went. The future was before him. Many would look to him, he knew, for comfort and guidance and he would need to be strong. He had promised his sister, to care for her daughter while she went to fight the war, and he wondered now if he was ready for such tutelage again.

He thought upon Talyra, his niece, for a moment and paused. He turned back to face the small grave and think upon his first pupil.

“You will watch over me won’t you?” he asked the grave. Their was a cold Autumn silence which swept through on a chill dry breeze.

Chromys turned back and continued down the trail.
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Re: Chromys: Beginning Again (WAR)

Postby Aeneis2009 » Wed Oct 01, 2008 10:25 am

<insert commentary here>
OOC Excellent description, and I particularly like the way you worded the final transition. Short and sweet.
Usage of proper fluff was also a nice touch, and helped to clearly define it as a warhammer story.

Im not sure who's in the grave though, is it Talyra, her mother, or some unnamed mentor?
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Re: Chromys: Beginning Again (WAR)

Postby Rhyllani » Wed Oct 01, 2008 10:54 am

Talyra is Chromys's niece; the grave would be that of Chromys's sister (Talyra's mother).
EDIT: oops, not true - jumped to the wrong conclusion about the grave.
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A Letter to Talyra~

Postby Chromys » Sun Oct 19, 2008 1:07 pm

**Sealed with a thick green wax marked with the crest of a stag**

Dearest Talyra,

I hope this letter finds you in great health. Much has changed here at the Silver Court. A most welcomed peace has finally settled across our lands. I find myself able to enjoy a respite I have not had in ages. It is good to finally rid our lands of the fools and barbarians.

I will not be joining you and your uncle in Ulthuan. It is important, the decision you have made to defend the Phoenix Throne from Malekith and I do write now with regret that I will not be joining you. So much has changed.

I have met someone. He is very handsome. An Elf of the Siadhe Court of such noble birth that I am most certain my father will approve arrangement. You must trust me when I tell you he is very beautiful, possesing strength of character and grand humor, and weilding Elven magics with grace and grandeur. I cannot but smile just writing about him now. Your uncle, I am most positive, would greatly approve- He would be overcome by his solid reputation and moral fortitude.

Do write when you are able. Keep yourself out of harm's way and an eye on Chromys too- I know he is of reputable skill but there is something about him which- and please do not take offense to this- but he has always seemed somewhat vulnerable to me.

Be well and best wishes to you Talyra, Song of the Crescent Moon.

- Glasny
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Your tale, sir, would cure deafness. The Tempest, 1. 2
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