Mithrandyr's Legacy (DAoC/WAR) - Shimie

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Mithrandyr's Legacy (DAoC/WAR) - Shimie

Postby Shimie » Sat Oct 18, 2008 8:52 pm

Morning had come to the glade. He woke long before the sun to watch the small cottage. He had been here many times in the past, tasked by his Lordship. Elven magic protected this section of the glade, allowing only a well trained eye to see the path. Muffled voices, followed by the creak of the back door alerted him to it's inhabitant’s awakening. Thin wisps of smoke trailed from the small chimney. Again, the sound of a door brought him back to the front of the house. An old woman had stepped outside, staff in hand. ‘She has aged quite a bit since my last visit,’ he thought. Her face was wrinkled, showing the signs of time and worry. Her long, black hair had turned grey and was pulled back into a loose bun. Her thin, boney fingers were wrapped around a decorative wooden staff. She walked slightly hunched forward, needing the staff more for support than for the magics it contained. She moved to the edge of the porch, slowly shuffling her small feet. Her robe, now a faded shade of green with yellow trim, was fastened about her waist by a belt of woven twine. A circular pendant dangled from a cord around her neck. His eyes traveled to her face once again and his heart skipped a beat. She was looking directly at him! He sunk back into the shadows, wondering had she seen him or just felt his presence?


He turned in the direction of the sound to see a girl holding a small bow, a fresh arrow sticking out of her target. She wore a hood, fastened at the neck and gathered around her shoulders. She raised the bow, spreading her feet shoulder length apart, one behind the other. He watched as she pulled the arrow back and released, aiming at the scarecrow in the field. ‘She has taught herself well. His Lordship will be pleased. That bow may be beneath her skill, but the amount of labor she has done will help her progress to the next one.’ A flash of light against metal caught his attention. A small blade was attached to her belt. ‘It looks to be no more than a long dagger now. When she first found it, she could barely lift it,’ he mused. Content she was busy he crept along the edge of the glad to the cottage’s porch.


“Jus’ a moment,” the cheerful voice echoed from the rear of the cottage.


“Oiy, I said jus’,” the woman flung the door open wide, “a moment!” Her demeanor changed, she was slightly angered at the impatient person at the door. “I knows I be old, but by the drafts in me cottage I knows me walls be thin! Learn ta be patient fer yer elders!”
“My apologies Lady Nesie,” the visitor bowed low removing the hood from his head, the wind blowing his shoulder length, sand-colored hair revealing the tips of pointed ears.
“Oh my!” The old woman grabbed for the door handle, “Nae elf, tis too soon! Tis too soon! Ye cannae takes her away!”
“Easy now,” he reached for her arm. "Please, sit and take a moment to calm yourself. I am only here to deliver the missive. There is time yet still.”
The old woman slumped into the rocking chair on the small porch. The flushed cheeks and look of anger gone from her face, replaced by the paleness of her sorrow.

“Atara Nesie, is something wrong?” The voice called from the side of the house, growing closer with each word. “Atara Nes…,” her words trailed off in mid-sentence. She focused in on the strange man standing over the chair.
“Nae child, there dunnae be anythin’ wrong. We jus’ has an elven visitor with a missive.”
The girl rushed to the porch seeing how pale her guardian was and glared up at the elf before her. “What purpose could ye have, scarin’ her like that?”
“I meant no harm. My name is Kelwyn. I hail from distant lands, far beyond the greenery of this hidden glade. I was tasked to deliver these scrolls. My instructions were quite clear,” the elf handed the girl the scroll. “It is addressed to you, and you alone, Miss. This one is addressed to Atara Nesie, along with this purse.”
The elf walked away as the pair began to read their scrolls. He observed them from a distance noting how the old woman hesitated opening her scroll. Nesie turned it over and over, not wanting to face the words inside. The girl looked over hers, tracing the intricate design of the wax seal with her finger. She carefully slid a fingernail under the edge, trying not to ruin the strange design. Unrolling the scroll revealed a letter written in beautiful handwriting:

A’maelamin Tinu,

By the time this missive arrives, you will have reached your 18th season. The time has come for you to
prepare for the next journey in your life. You have outgrown the protective nest that Atara Nesie has provided for
you all these years. I have been watching over you in the shadows from your birth until now. You have long outgrown
the secret gift of blade and bow left for you in the glade years ago. You taught yourself how to use them and soon
those skills will be further honed.
A missive came around the time of your 7th season. It contained a notice that your mother had passed away
on an icy battlefield at the hands of a savage Norseman. Atara Nesie was to tell you of both parents, but we both
agreed to have no contact with you. We wanted you to grow and learn, away from the cities and horrors of the war.
I disguised myself and personally delivered the sad news. It was the first I had seen of you that year. It pained me
greatly to be the bearer of such ill tidings, but I gave you a gift that day and bade you promise to keep it safe and
secret. I hope you kept that promise, for you will need it this day.
I have specific instructions to be carried out within the coming days. I have entrusted this task to my best
and most skilled advisor, Kelwyn. I cannot express the importance of your journey to remain a secret, speak of this
to no one. Atara Nesie has also received a missive and a coin purse. Her instructions are clear, but I will also inform
you. The coin is for procurement of a horse, appropriate armor and weaponry, and travel expenses. You will both
travel light and swift. I expect for you to arrive before the end of the Faradome.

Lle Atar,
Elrohir Mithrandyr

Atara Nesie,

I offer my warmest greetings and deepest sympathy as I write to you this day. I know you will be saddened
by the arrival of this missive. You have raised our daughter as your own and taught her the old ways. No one thing,
not even the secret gift left for her in the glade, has escaped your watchful gaze. When her mother and I left her in
your care, we left a sealed package. The time has come for you to retrieve this package and break the seal. There
will be further instructions for you there.
Kelwyn has also given you a purse. This is to be used for the procurement of needed items for their journey.
Please ensure that he knows the names of the best crafters in town and the most skilled horse trainers. It is of the
utmost importance that they arrive safely before Faradome ends.

Tenna’ ento lye omenta,
Elrohir Mithrandyr

(more to come...)
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Re: Mithrandyr's Legacy (DAoC/WAR) - Shimie

Postby Shimie » Tue Oct 21, 2008 10:17 am

The old woman stood, steadying herself between the back of the chair and door, “I needs ta fetch somethin’ from inside.” With a very heavy heart the old woman walked back into the cottage. The girl only nodded and continued to read her scroll, sounding some words aloud. Nesie stopped in front of the fireplace, placing a hand on the mantle easing down onto the hearth. She slowly tapped her knuckles along the hearth’s stone top:

thud… thud… thud… thud… plunk!

She gasped, surprised by the hollow sound, wishing it hadn’t been true. She carefully pried the top stone loose, revealing a small cavity beneath. Reaching into the darkness, she pulled out a package wrapped in leather.

Kelwyn walked back to the porch as the she went inside. He listened to the girl sound out the words she did not understand. “A-ma-l-men… I have not had much practice with this language. Atara Nesie has taught me what she knows, mostly the smaller words. I know tinu is daughter, but the larger phrase…” her voice trailed off.

“A’maelamin means ‘my beloved.’ You are correct with the other, well done young miss.”

The click of the door handle ended their conversation. Kelwyn held the door open as Nesie carried the package. The girl held her arm, easing her into the rocking chair. All concentrated on the package as Nesie began removing the leathers covering it. There were beautiful carvings of animals, people, nature, and some intricate symbols on the top. She pulled against the top of the box, the sorrow in her heart carried to her voice as she spoke to Kelwyn, “Tis locked and I dunnae ‘ave the key, but I be guessin’ tha’ he gaves it ta yerself.”

He looked at her, then the package, then the girl on the edge of the porch, finally looking back to the old woman as if he hadn’t understood her words. “K-Key?” his face went pale with panic, like a scared rabbit caught in a trap. He took a step backward to catch his breath, eyes never breaking from the package. “Key…” He began patting down his pockets, “Key… Key…” He looked up at her, “I have no key…” The elf gently picked the box off of her lap. “What are these symbols? The ones here on the top, they are not of any language I recognize.” Puzzled, he handed it back to her.

“Tis no language I be versed in. Well wha’ do ye think we should do?”

“I am at a loss Lady Nesie. My instructions were clear – deliver the missives, gather the gear, and get the girl safely to my Lord’s lands. He said nothing about a locked box.”

“Well, we needs the key. Me scroll said ta fetch it and there we be more instructions inside. I cannae finish me task if I cannae gets it open. He had ta ‘ave given ye the key lad!”

“There is no hole for a key. Is there something in your scrolls to tell how to open it?”

“My gift,” the girl whispered.

“What was tha’ child?”

“I need ta retrieve something,” she dashed off into the glad.”

“Dunnae ye runs off!” Nesie called after her, “This dunnae be a game child!”

“Shall I follow her?”

“I would nae worry. She will be back afore darkness falls on the glade.”

Their voices were barely audible now. The trees had muffled their words until they were unrecognizable. She waited in the shadows, making sure that the elf had not followed. “Good,” she sighed, “I needed ta have a moment ta myself. He has some nerve and what is all this talk about a journey?” She was confused, her head hurt from trying to figure it all out. Slowly she moved through the hanging vines, stepping over large tree roots. The trickle of water into a small pool let her know she was close. As if by magic, she stepped past a large oak tree and faded from sight. She had stumbled upon this hidden spot in the glade at a very young age, following the beautiful sound of a woman singing. She had been entranced and slipped away from what seemed like hours. There were birds and other animals, large leafed plants and a small brook that collected in a small pool in the center. The large oak tree had what she pretended was a doorway to another world. She sought shelter in it when it rained and hid special keepsakes in the crevices inside. This was where she found a bow and quiver of arrows. The next year a large sword, each one marked with the same intricate symbols as on the box. The animals watched from their perches, but did not come near. She removed her hood and knelt down beside the pool. Leaning forward she cupped her hands together to get a drink. For the first time she actually looked at the girl staring back at her from the pool. Her hair was golden in color with a light reddish tint. Her ears were hidden behind the thick plats of her braid. With one slow motion she tucked the right side of her hair behind her ear, revealing a slender, pointed ear. The girl in the pool stared back at her in disbelief as she turned her head more to the right. She realized there were no mirrors, no pools of water, nothing at the cottage where she could see her face fully. She had never paid attention to how she looked. ‘Child lets me do yer hair. Tis one of the few things I still be able ta do fer ye,’ Atara Nesie’s words echoed in her mind.

“I was never allowed ta brush my hair,” she talked to the elven girl staring up at her from the pool. “As soon as she was done, she would put the hood over my head and we would start our day. How could I have nae noticed? How did I nae realize I was…” the tears welled up in her eyes, “different?” She cried freely, letting her emotions out. She was upset at herself, mad at the woman she knew to be her guardian, and now mad at this strange elf that delivered scrolls today. The animals around her chattered and chirped bringing her back to the reddened face in the pool. She stood slowly, still sniffling and wiping the tears from her eyes. “You all are right. I need ta go back before I am missed. I need one thing first,” she stepped into the trunk of the large tree. She was holding a small leather pouch and began talking to the animals when she emerged. “He gave this ta me. You remember him, the stranger that brought the news of my mother’s death? I remember he said I was very brave ta be so young,” she shrugged. “I think I was too young ta understand that my mother was someone else. Atara Nesie has always been with me for as long as I can remember. I dunnae know of anyone else.” She untied the string and gently removed a white pipe from the pouch. She had never taken the time to really look at the pipe. It was smooth to the touch despite it being covered in intricate symbols. “This was my gift. He bade me promise ta keep it a secret. Since this was the only place Atara Nesie didnae find, I left it hidden here.” She blew softly into the small end of the pipe. The melody floated through the glade, relaxing her rampant thoughts. After a brief time, she stopped playing and wrapped it back up. She looked to the elf in the pool once again and then to the animals, “I must go now. Watch over Atara Nesie for me, I dunnae think I will be returning in her lifetime.”

The animals that had stared so blankly at her ramblings began closing their eyes and bowing their heads. “There is magic here. I realize that now and welcome it with open arms. It seems today I am ready for the next journey in my life. Atara Nesie will be safe with you all watching over here, as you have me these many years. I thank you and bid you farewell.”

(more yet to come...)
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