Rumors ((WAR))

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Rumors ((WAR))

Postby Xoox » Wed Jan 21, 2009 7:53 pm

Altdorf city markets hussel and bussel with business as ussual. One of the servant girls of works her way into the market to purchase good for her lords house. Normally this young lady is cheerful and wears a happy face, however today she seems distant and a bit bewildered. One of the lady vendors she speaks to stops her and asks what is wrong.

<a few hours later>

Whispers are running through the streets of Altdorf, concern and fear on some faces while others seem untrusting of what they have heard. The quiet words flow as the wind working it's way through the forest tree's until it comes to a stoic High Elf Archmage by the name of Chromys. Both concern and disaprovel strike across the face of the elf that twists the wind of magic. With no delay he makes his way to the great hall of Saint Crispens League.

Marshal Xuric while sitting at his desk full of neglected paper hears Chromys enter. With a calm yet concerned voice Chromys staits, "League I have distressing news; I have heard reports from Altdorf that there are rumors that the Everqueen has fallen, that she is in the hands of Druchii." With a brief pause Chromys continues, "I insist this can not be true."

With out delay Marshal Xuric gets up from his desk and enters the main hall. Looking his friend in the eye and sharing his confidence and courage he responds for all to hear, "This is not something I would think is true, though Chromys I do have a quest for you to verify this information for us." Chromys quirks his brow and readies himself for the information. The quest I charge you with is, travel to Shining Way and seek out the High Loremaster of the White Tower. His name is Teclis. He is the most powerful High Mage I know and should have the information about the Everqueen Alarielle's safety.If he has any needs or requests of the League to assist bring this infomration back to the guild hall for me." Marshal Xuric indicates with a hand motion he would like Chromys to join him in his office then enters. Chromys enters shortly as Xuric sits at his desk. Picking up a pin he writes something down on the parchment and then seals it with a wax crest of Marshal Xuric of Saint Cripsin's League. He then hands it to Chromys and says, "Give this to Teclis when you see meet up with him. Go with the wind at your back."
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