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Postby LordRaithasWolfe » Tue Jun 10, 2003 2:50 pm

Raithas grinned as the Paladin was dragged across the room to him. This was exactly what he had been waiting for. It was so like the people from Albion to start bickering among themselves and turn against each other. He hadn’t even had to claim this one from the Frontiers as he had expected to. That set well with him as he had not had to risk any of his own people for this purpose. He almost wanted to laugh out loud as the puny alb struggled between his two trolls. As they got closer the young man’s steely gaze met with Raithas and he couldn’t help but snort. Oh this would be fun he thought.

“Hail to ye and well met!” Raithas spoke jovially and the Paladin jerked up surprised that he could understand the clearly spoken words. Raithas circled him looking him over as he planned his next message to the mighty leader of St. Crispin’s League. Maybe now that he held one of their own he would return what he held unjustly. Another one of those cloaks, he reached out and tore it from his victims shoulders pleased at the sound of tearing cloth. “What’s your name boy?” he sneered out and was met with silence. His fist shot and landed a blow across the young man’s face drawing blood from lips that were already dried and cracked. Oh yes he thought. Now the fun would begin.
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“My Lord,” Maeva sighed as she tried again to gain permission to alter the spell. “she suffers now the way it is and your own informant has advised you they work towards a cure! If she does not break it herself they surly will!”

Raithas slammed his fist on the table. “By Odin Maeva! If the blasted spell is hurting her,” he glared at his wife, “I want it cured! I didn’t want it in the first place!”

Maeva moved to the back of her husband’s chair placing her hands on his shoulders. He was tense and he tensed even more at her touch. Frowning Maeva began working out the knots as she planned her next words. He had changed since losing Sarekonna. He was in a foul temper all the time as he became more obsessed with having her back. His allies were becoming agitated as were his own people as his focus left the good of the realm and became bent on this one girl. If they could not retrieve her soon Maeva would have her killed to protect Raithas. She prayed to Eir it would not come to that but she would do what was needed and pray that Raithas never learned of it. Even if he did, she was willing to give her life for her husband and the realm for she knew that would be the price. Finally, she felt him relaxing and she spoke carefully.

“Darling, let us try this. It will do her no harm. Worse case, she’ll be stopped and confined which she already is. Best case, she’ll escape and have her powers to return to us.” This time Raithas sighed as he contemplated her words. Maeva pressed on, “Then you can keep your bargain with the Alb and kill the Paladin as he expects.

Raithas scowled. He cared not for the pig Alb so willing to turn his own kin over. Raithas would not kill the Paladin for that pig…he had never agreed to that. He had agreed to take care of his “problem” in exchange for information. The fool had no idea how valuable the “problem” had been to Raithas. “You can lift the spell once she’s here?” Raithas was ready to give in. He wanted to prepare his messenger and see how the Paladin like his new accommodations. He needed her to leave. “I don’t want a false daughter!”

Maeva felt relief wash over her. She leaned forward wrapping her arms around him. “Of course my love! I would never offer something that would damage your daughter!”

“Fine!” he snapped, “Do as you will!”

Undaunted by his tone she kissed him on the cheek then quickly left the study before he could change his mind.

Raithas sulked for a few moments before turning his attention to his message. He looked at the parchment on his desk thinking of playing himself as the victim this time. Simply a father who wished to be reunited with his daughter willing to exchange two prisoners…Then he laughed. No, he would not, could not even pretend to be weak. He would simply send the armor. The lord of St. Crispin’s knew what he wanted and the penalty for not providing it. He grinned as he recalled the scene of the Paladin attempting to fight them off as they removed it. Now he hung in the dungeon, silent and unconscious awaiting the next visit. Raithas almost giggled as he called for a messenger to deliver the parcel to the Alb’s keep in Odin’s. The boy struggled so hard not to provide a simple piece of information. His name. What good did he think it did? But Raithas finally laughed he already knew who he held…Cerrick, known only as Cerrick. What would he do when Raithas demanded a last name? He would so enjoy venting his frustrations and breaking his will while he waited on the Lord of St. Crispin’s League.
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Sarekonna squeezed her eyes shut. She was behind on her tailoring. Her father…NO! She pushed the thought from her mind. She felt something pushing in on her. She looked around for Tashtego but he was lost in his own troubles and missing from the hall and she was upset with him anyways. She found something strange pulling at her. She got up gathering her sewing and calmly went to her room though she felt anything but calm. Closing her door softly she went over to Kasseltop reaching out to him stroking his feathers lightly. He cooed softly to her as she moved around to his back carefully lifting his feathers to scratch his neck. She was beginning to feel more in control again then gasped. There was something…she hesitated, in her mind. She heard a soft whisper Submit Sarekonna. She felt a pulling and she moved to her seat preparing to defend herself. She would not submit. She had changed the focus of her training to give herself more mind power so she could overcome this affliction. She pushed back at the invasion but it was persistent. It found her anger and disappointment over the recent experiences she had had with both Tashtego and Paewyn and used it against her. It revealed things that had been kept from her turning her anger to her friends and the League. She resisted as long as she could tears slipping out of the corners of her eyes. Kasseltop began an alarmed chirping as he felt the shift in Sarekonna. Finally she cried and slumped in her chair.

Several minutes later she awoke and sat up wiping the tears from her eyes. She needed to go home. This was not her home. Packing a few items she ignored the irritating bird at her window who was trying to get her attention. She left her room and headed for the door pausing as she looked to see who was in the league. Scowling, she noticed Lord Crispian was present. Something whispered to her that she should wait try again in the morning. Everything would be OK now that she knew the truth. She just needed patience.
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Postby LordRaithasWolfe » Fri Jun 13, 2003 8:42 am

Cursing under his breath, Raithas made his way down to the cell holding Cerrick. He glanced without pausing into the cell holding Cedrick. He was recovering but Raithas had not interest in him. It was this new one of the League he was after and he was not pleased with the report he had just gotten.

Pushing the door to the cell open he saw the truth of the report already. Cerrick, held to the wall by manacles at his wrists, was pale and drenched in sweat and the day hadn’t even begun yet. Gently Raithas took his face in his hand turning his head to look into glassy eyes. “Trying to die on me?” he asked softly as he felt a burning forehead, “What’s wrong with you?”

Cerrick came to enough to jerk his head away, “Get off me!” he spat.

Raithas repressed a grin. Despite everything, he liked this one. He began searching Cerrick’s body for a physical cause to the fever. Lifting the hem of what remained of Cerrick’s tunic his eyes were immediately drawn to a festering wound in his left side. Cerrick flinched as the cloth dragged over it and he pulled at his bonds. Lightly Raithas ran his fingers over it and Cerrick cursed. “Easy, I didn’t do this to you.” His voice was quiet but fierce in irritation. How could he properly train him if he was unhealthy?

“Bring my wife and her sister!” he shouted to a nearby guard who ran off in a hurry to do his lord’s bidding. Raithas slammed his fist into the wall as he paced the room in irritation. Cerrick slipped into delirium and began muttering prayers under his breath. “I have to stop him.” Cerrick whispered and Raithas wondered what nightmares were running through his head. Finally, Maeva and Jezzabelle arrived sweeping into the room looks of concern across both their faces.

“Are you well m’lord?” Maeva asked crossing to Raithas.

“It’s the Alb, I’m fine.” Both women let out a collective sigh as their gazes were drawn to the form against the wall. Jezabelle smiled as she quietly approached the man cooing to him softly as she trailed a finger down his cheek.

“I can handle this.” She said giving her sister a meaningful look.

Catching her sister’s look Maeva smiled as she took Raithas’ hand. “M’lord come above while Jezzy works. Let me help you to relax and she will summon you when she is finished.”

Reluctantly, Raithas allowed himself to be led from the cell. He didn’t like it, but sometimes it was best to let these women have their way when possible. Frowning he turned to Jezzabelle. “Be quick about it Jezzy.” She nodded in reply as Maeva dragged him from the room.

Moving to Cerrick she began pulling the laces that closed the front of his tunic. When she reached the bottom of the laces she tore the fabric to open it fully. Cerrick being roused by the sounds of the foreign speech protested. “No.” he said quietly.

“Oh come now.” Jezzabelle chided softly, “Let Jezzy make you feel better.” She slipped her right hand into his tunic searching for the wound. Smiling as she found it she gently squeezed his side.

“Ungh!” Cerrick groaned as he arched against the pain slamming his head into the stonewall behind him.

Reaching her hand behind his head she pulled his face close to hers. “Do be careful love” she whispered before pulling him in even closer and kissing him. As she kissed him her free hand searched his body for any other signs of injury. Finding none it slipped back to the one at his side. There was something unnatural about this one she thought as her fingers light probed it trying to discern what had caused it. Cerrick jerked trying to escape the pain, the kiss. He gasped trying to breath and she bit him on the lip.

“Jezzabelle!” Jezzabelle spun away from Cerrick to find Raithas standing at the entrance scowling at her. He had grown uncomfortable with the idea of Jezzabelle alone down here and had cut his time short with Maeva much to her irritation. Entering the room his eyes were drawn to Cerrick’s swollen lip and the trickle of blood that was now making its way down his chin. He felt his inner rage building and he pushed it down. He was very protective even of his enemies. The young lord belonged to him now and no one other than himself would toy with him. “You’re suppose to be a healer.” He said with quiet sarcasm, “Heal him NOW!”

“Fine!” Jezzabelle snapped at him irritated at the interruption. She knew he’d be ruined once Raithas was done. She began running her hands along his body again calling on Eir to aid her in repairing his body.

Cerrick jerked again crying out. “NO!” he gasped. He could feel healing power flowing through him but it wasn’t right. Something was unnatural and WRONG. Another small sound escaped him as Jezzabelle finished her spell and slumped against the chains holding him upright.

Jezzabelle too felt something was not right. Pushing Cerrick’s tunic aside she watched in horror as the wound began to redden again. She knew then in a few days the wound would be festering again. Shuddering, she recalled something similar she had seen in her youth. “What is it?” Raithas asked as he too watched the wound knowing it was not right.

“Give me your dagger Raithas.” She held her hand out waiting.

“What?!? For what purpose?” He was scowling again as he hesitated.

“As you say, I am the healer. Fear not I have no plans of robbing you of your prize.” Reluctantly, Raithas pulled his dagger from his boot handing it over to her. Biting her own lower lip this time she sliced the dagger back into the wound she had just healed. Carefully cutting in along the same path as the original wound.

Cerrick’s head slammed back against the stonewall yet again as he cried out twisting away. His eyes wild as he lost all sense as simply sought to escape pain. “Och! He can not move!” Jezzabelle cried out and Raithas moved quickly forward pressing his weight against Cerrick’s chest to hold him steady as he slipped his arm behind his head to protect it from the wall. Dropping the dagger to the ground Jezzabelle slipped her fingers into the newly opened wound. Cerrick struggled but Raithas held him fast. Tears slipped down Jezzabelle’s face as she whispered soothing words to Cerrick in her own tongue. Finally, finding what she was looking for she pulled out a thin piece of poisoned metal letting that drop to the floor as well. She quickly began praying to Eir and could feel the power flowing from her to Cerrick healing him completely this time.
Sobbing, she collapsed to the floor. Raithas eased of Cerrick seeing that the young paladin had slipped into an exhausted slumber despite his uncomfortable position. Crouching down Raithas lifted Jezzabelle from the ground hugging her tightly. “Shhh…Jezzy, it’s alright now.” He was disgusted by this act. This went too far even for him. Once he had what he wanted, he would see that the pig behind this act got what he deserved.

Taking the torch from the wall he half supported half carried Jezzebelle as they left Cerrick alone in the dark.
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Postby Crispian » Fri Jun 13, 2003 11:59 am

Crispian sat at Vestusta Abbey. He had come for a few minutes of quiet and thinking. Things had been getting hectic lately. He drifted in thought when a voice called his attention.

"Crispian!" he heard and looked up to see Azi. He couldn't keep a smile from coming to his face.

"Dearest!" he said reflexively as he gathered her into a hug of greeting.

Azi examined him closely. "I did not expect to see you here.." her voice trailed off in question.

"Well, things have been so hectic lately. First, Sarekonna, now Cerrick." Defeat caused him to trail off at the name of the brave paladin. Azi looked at him with question and concern. "He was captured," Crispian said quietly.

Azi's face drained. "No.. how?!" she asked in a voice of rising panic.

Crispian shrugged. "I guess he was taken while raiding....and is now prisoner to Rathius." Even the name sounded vile to him.

"Where? Why haven't we sent anyone to seek him out?!" She stood, moving toward the door with a determined look coming over her face.

Crispian looked up at her. "Where do you think to go?" It was foolhardy for her to try taking a keep alone.

Azi turned back to Crispian. "I cannot just stand by idly while my squire is held by a Midgard warlord!"

His face fell in hopelessness. "Rathius has him in his keep, Azi...and would capture you too." His voice rose slightly. "He WANTS Sarekonna...not Cerrick."

"Well, he can't have either of them! What can we do?" Azi settled into a seat again as Crispian sighed a heavy sigh.

He looked at his hands a moment, and then to the ceiling. "First, we hope Glavace's spell works for Sarekonna...and soon, we take Aravkar to free Cerrick."

Azi nodded. "Have all of the items he needed been collected?" The master sorcerer had given quite a list of items needed for the ritual he had in mind.

Crispian shook his head no slowly. "Not all," he said very quietly. "some are needed from the frontiers."

Azi shook her head, frowning at herself in disappointment. "Which ones? I shall go myself!" Her voice was determined and firm. She would not fail on all fronts, and her squire being held prisoner was bad enough.

Crispian again shook his head. "I'm not sure...and Glavace is off on a tour of his former lands but after they're gotten, then, we go take a keep."

Azi looked to her friend. "Crispian, we have to act, not soon, now!" Her voice left no room for further consideration, but her fatigue showed as she closed her eyes a moment.

Crispian let out a sigh of frustration. "But if we act too soon," he said, voice taking on tones of planning, "Raithius might know, and then I would fear for Cerrick." He was already worried that the squire to Azi might be dead.

Azi nodded firmly. "Then we'll storm the keep first and rescue him."

Crispian looked to her in near exasperation. "And if Sarekonna betrays the effort?"

Azi shrugged. "How can she if we keep it secret from her?" She thought for a moment. "Is it true that Shandri has befriended her?"

Crispian shook his head. "And so many others? She's is a virtual prisoner of the Hall....aye, they are close." He could not see trying to keep it from the entire League except the raiders.

Azi nodded. "Then she can aid is in this. We can rally the League to the cause, and Shandri can keep Sarekonna engaged so that we can do it secretly."

Crispian sighed, closing his eyes a moment. If only things happened slower. "Perhaps...but so much effort...and...secrecy."

Azi stood, her voice raising. "What else would you do then, Crispian?! We can't just sit here and wait for something to happen!" She shook her head. "I will NOT lose another squire to circumstance! Or another friend.."

"I know," Crispian said as he nodded, looking very tired, "I know."

Azi looked more closely at her friend. "Crispian.. something's the matter." He looked haggard to her. "You're take to much on yourself."

Crispian sighed, a wistful and regretful sound at the same time. "The others are gone though."

She shook her head. "Then it's your duty to appoint thier replacements.. you're only one man, Crispian." They had had this conversation before.

"And I was when we long ago now?"

Azi shook her head, not wanting to think back over the history of the League, and guilds before that.

"Two years?" he said in a quiet and tired voice. Two years of war, turmoil, and joys.

Azi nodded. "I know.. and I'm also tired.. but we can't excuse duty.."

Crispian nodded. "Then we'll have to plan and execute a raid...without Sarekonna knowing about it...and still try for her spell."

"Do you think," Azi started, her voice trailing off as her brows furrowed in thought.

"The Spell must work," Crispian said quietly, with an intense grimace on his face. "Else, she may be lost to us," he finished in a quiet voice.

Azi kept a calm composure. "It will," she said firmly. "I have faith in Glavace. I have faith and I pray," she said with conviction.

Crispian nodded. "As will I," he offered. "I have a message ready to send to Raithius."

Azi looked about her. "But.. perhaps to aid the secrecy..." She shook her head slightly as she looked about, remembering a time she had spent at the abbey.

Crispian sighed again. "I'd rather keep her at the hall," he said, reading where her thoughts were going.

Azi shook her head. "For her own safety, and for the League's safety, might be better here for her."

Crispian raised his eyebrows at her. "Was it better for you?" he asked, keeping his voice calm despite a slight rising panic.

"That was different.."

"How so? It's still more prison than aid."

"It would only be for a few days.. and by then she would be cured and she'd understand our reasoning," Azi offered gently.

Crispian scratched his head in thought. "But at the hall," he ventured quietly," at least she can see faces she knows."

Azi fretted with her hands. "The brothers here are kind.. it was I who made myself suffer during my stay here.." She fell quiet a moment. "Shandri could be her companion here.." She paused a moment before pressing on. "Crispian, in the Hall it would be impossible to plain and execute a raid without her knowing. At least here, we'd know she was safe and protected."

Crispian looked up, rolling his shoulders in a deep shrug. "But," he said, "she deserves more than being bundled off."

Azi nodded. "You're right," she said softly, offering a grin.

Crispian sighed again. "Even though she is a prisoner at the Hall." He so wished that there were more people to turn to, but he dared not risk another soul of the League and possibily lose another.

Azi frowned, then her face lit up. "That's it!" she exclaimed, smiling.

Crispian looked at her, a frown of thought on his face. "What's it?" he asked.

Azi looked at him in triumph, her blue eyes dancing. "Master Edaev at Adribard's Retreat!" She looked at the puzzlement on Crispian's face. "Her Teacher!" she added. "He would aid us," she concluded.

"Send her there?" Crispian asked, amazed at the simplicity of the apparent answer to their dillema.

Azi nodded emphatically. "Yes, I'm certain of it. I'll even go myself and ask him for his aid." As Crispian nodded with a growing smile, she found herself grinning too. "I'm certain he could keep her there safely, with the guise of some task."

Crispian could no longer supress a spreading smile. "YES!" he almost cried out, "that could work!" As Azi nodded, he continued on. "Would you ride to set it in motion? I know the trip is long."

Azi nodded, her pulled back hair bobbing as she did. "That's one problem solved. But, will we be able to rally the League quickly once he does agree?" She was already straighten the robe she was wearing and checking her coin purse.

Crispian smiled. "We can call on aid from everywhere," he said with conviction.

Azi nodded. "Then I'll go to Adribard's and meet with the Master sorcerer there."

Crispian smiled. "Thank you, good Azi," he said softly, "Dearest." He smiled a soft, secret smile as an idea formed in his head. "You are a good friend, and Knight," he said.

Azi stiffened a bit at the praise, feeling that her squire was in harm's way and that she should be doing more for him than just riding to the swamp. "You are a dear friend," she said quietly.

Cris could not help but feel slightly emotional. "You're the mother to this family in so many ways none other could be." He hugged her tenderly again.

"A mother to so many and at such a young age!" she said with a forced laugh.

Cris grinned at her boyishly. "It's your charm, Dearest," he offered in explanation, not offering how he and Jash had for a time called her "Little Mother" for her efforts to comfort so many in the League.

Azi hugged Crispian back with a smile, brushing the hair off his forehead and kissing the crown of his head. "You are the charming one, to make me run around aimlessly." She shook her head with a grin. "Farewell. I'll send word as soon as I have it."

As he smiled, it seemed some of the years fell off him. "Please do Azi," he asked in earnest, "and I'll work on the other thing."

She smiled kindly. "God be with you, and lend you strength and guidance, dear friend," she offered in half-prayer.

Cris watched her head from the hall, and started to tick off the people he knew he could call on to aid the League in taking a Midgard keep with speed, and little interference. He'd see if this Lord Raithius was ready for the fight to be brought to him.
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Postby Azi » Sat Jun 14, 2003 7:32 pm

Azaeli rode quickly to Adribards, not even stopping to don her league cloak or armor before her journey. She prayed fervently as she rode, asking the Almighty for guidance and aid in the task ahead. When she arrived at the retreat she was calm and poised, though inside she was feeling quite worn and nervous. She suddenly realized she had never met with the Magus before, and though she’d heard much about him from Sarekonna, she wondered how difficult it would be for her to ask him such a favor.

She introduced herself to an apprentice, who showed her to the high tower where Magus Edaev made his office, and instructed her to wait. After a short wait, the Magus emerged from his office. His eyes were kind and gentle, though he regarded her somberly and clasped his hands before him.

“Lady Hammerfel,” he smiled tightly, “How may I be of service?"

Azi curtseyed respectfully, “Magus, may we talk privately?"

"Aye,” He frowned a bit and motioned inside, “Please come into my office" Azi followed him in quietly, taking in the scene of his office with interest as she settled into the chair he offered her. He sat not behind his desk, but in a cushioned chair beside her and regarded her carefully.

“Please excuse me for coming unannounced,” Azi shifted nervously, suddenly feeling like an apprentice who was about to take a scolding, “I hope it isn't an inconvenience."

"We are never inconvenienced by beauty m'lady,” He smiled slightly, putting her more at ease. “Now how may I help you?" Azi nodded slightly and smoothed her gown over her knees. She found herself wishing that she’d tidied herself a bit before coming.. it had been nearly a day since she’d rested or had a meal. She willed her stomach not to growl.

"I've come to ask your aid regarding Sarekonna," she answered.

"What?” Concern instantly crossed his features, “What has happened with her?"

"Forgive me for being forward, but what do you know of her past, of her father?" She asked. The magus steepled his fingers and regarded her carefully, as if weighing exactly how much he should reveal.

“I know all there is to know m'lady.” He answered matter of factly “I have raised her as a daughter."

"And when was the last time you saw her, sir?" She asked carefully.

"It's been quite awhile...since before her unfortunate trip to see her mother.” He frowned thinking on that. “She has told me she is unable to visit me since then though she will not tell me why." He looked at Azi intensely, then turned his gaze to the window. "Oh yes, she says she is too busy right now, but she has never been too busy for me before."

Azi nodded thoughtfully. “Normally, my lord, I would respect that decision and leave it to her to tell you, but the circumstances are dangerous now.."

"What?” He frowned deeply, his eyes snapping back to look into her own, “What is going on?"

"We at the League aren't completely sure, but we think she's been touched by some sort of a spell. She had been in Midgard for some time, and since then she has lapses of memory when she is not herself."

"I see.” He sighed deeply, “and what has made the situation dangerous?"

"Her father has a man of ours,” Azi swallowed back her emotions at the thought of Cerrick held captive. “And is trying to negotiate her return. And Sarekonna is more distant than ever. We've tried to keep her in the hall, but we cannot hold her forever."

Edaev nodded. “And what are you hoping I can do?"

"We have a counterspell being worked on as we speak, and we plan to raid Raithius' keep and get our man out alive. But we cannot do it in front of Sarekonna, in the state she's in now.."

"A counter spell?” Magus interrupted, “Who is preparing this counter spell? "

“Glavace Drakonyan" Azi watched carefully for his reaction, but there was no subtle change in his already present frown.

“I see." His eyes met hers intensely, "so are you looking for a place to send her?"

"Magus,” Azi composed herself, suddenly aware again of the great boon she was asking of this man who was practically a stranger to her. She prayed that he would agree. “The League humbly asks your aid, could you keep her here for a time? Three or four days perhaps?" There was a long silence, and Edaev’s frown darkened.

"I would be happy to help my dear, though, how I should get her here when she has already refused you let her roam the countryside of her own free will?”

"No, my lord. She's carefully guarded.. We would accompany her of course."

He nodded without a thought. "Then yes m'lady, if you can get her here I can assure she stays. This is a fortress after all.” He shook his head with regret. “Though I do hate to make a prison of her home"
"And I hate to ask it of you, truly.” Azi sighed. “If you can think of some other way based on what I've told you, I'd welcome it gladly."

"Nay,” He answered after a moment of thought. “There is no other way and truth be told she has been a prisoner most of her life. Bring her here and I will do my best to distract her from it."

"My hope is that after this ordeal, she can be free of her past and live in peace." Azi rose and curtseyed slightly, moving toward the door. Edaev rose and walked with her.

"Aye, twould be my wish as well." He smiled softly at her, though his eyes were wrought with worry.

“I have faith all will work out for the best," she said quietly as he opened the door to show her out. "And the League is truly grateful for your aid, my lord."

“She is a daughter to me.” He rested his hand on the latch as she exited to the ramparts of the retreat. “It truly is no burden."

“Thank you again, Magus. I'll send word when you can expect her." Azi bowed once more and rushed off down the steps. She willed herself to be calm as she rode, convincing herself that all would work out. But how would she convince Sarekonna to ride to the retreat? Could she be reasoned with? She pushed back the doubts in her mind and focused on the green hills of the Plains as she neared Camelot. If the Lord was smiling on her, Crispian would be in the League hall, and Sarekonna would be safe in Adribard’s by morning.

She rushed into the hall, grateful to find it fairly empty, and up the stairs to Crispian’s door where she knocked purposefully. An instant later, the door opened and Crispian peered out at her.

"Crispian.." She sighed with relief.

"Come in Dearest.” He smiled wearily and stood aside and allowed her to rush past.

"What's the hurry?" He closed the door and turned to her, smoothing his tousled blond hair absently.

"I've just gotten back from Adribard's" She answered, pushing aside a stack of papers from his chaise and dropping onto it in exhaustion.

"And?" He slid the stack further down and sat beside her, concern evident on his face.

"He agrees to help, if we can get her there." Azi tilted her head to one side, strectching her sore neck.

“That could be a challenge.” He scratched his chin slightly, tired eyes deep in thought. The two sat for a long time, discussing and exchanging possible ways to convince Sarekonna to travel there. Many ideas were tossed out quickly. They both agreed that drugging her as Crispian explained Shandri had, or subduing her in any way was unacceptable. They discussed waiting for Tashtego to aid them, but Azi explained that Sarekonna may not even trust him anymore. Reluctantly, they discussed lying to her and coming up with some plot to convince her she would be meeting with her father. Crispian sent for Jashen, citing that he was a master when it came to such things.

Azi tipped her head back to rest it against the wall and closed her eyes. “What do we do now? Tonight?" She was exhausted already, but pushed for some action to be taken. She wouldn’t be able to rest until she was at peace with the situation, and there was a nagging feeling that something more could be done.

"I am not sure....with the heavy forces in our own frontier ...." Crispian, too, tipped his head back to look up at the ceiling.

"Do you think we could try to get her there together? Talk to her at least?" she looked at him, and he nodded.

“I'd at least try." He pushed himself up and crossed the room to the door as Azi rose and stretched her arms and neck.

"It's been a trying day or two aye?" He said as he opened the door for her. Azi nodded quietly, thinking forward to the task at hand.

“Shall we?" She smoothed back her disheveled hair and stepped into the hall toward Sarekonna’s room even as Crispian nodded grimly.

"I guess so," he said, and followed her to knock on Sarekonna’s door.
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Postby Drakonyan » Tue Jun 17, 2003 1:21 pm

The Moon had just set over the horizon, and the sun was still hours from rising. Glavace was unable to sleep. He had been going over this problem with Sarekonna, and something just did not seem right. Some thing was off. Tossing on his house Robes, Glavace hurried to the study. With out so much of a thought he blasted is desk and throwing open his trap door.

Some thing was eating at him; he was becoming more frantic as he thought on it.

The soft glow of the spells light began to appear as he rushed down the stairs. Going to where he had retrieved the spell to help restore lost memories. Breaking he quill in half, and slamming his fist to the back of the shelf, the Old Mage broke a part the back of the shelf that held the scroll. Pulling his bloody hand back in a tight fist, Glavace smacked his forehead, leaving an imprint of an iron key and his bloodied palm.

“How could I be SO naive!” Glavace yelled “I should not have forgot I only keep HALF my spells here”

Going to the back of the Scroll crypt, Glavace made a few gestures with his hands and mumbling a little; one of the Scroll ports changed in to a Lock. Inserting the bloodied Key, the back wall of the crypt slowly slid open.

With the Loss of blood, Glavace started to calm down and was once again thinking properly. The room beyond, was much the same on the other one, but rather than a Soft yellow glow, the names of these spells had a Red tint to them. Going to where a similar location as the other spell, Glavace first took his left index figure and wiped it across the palm, the wiped the finger right to left over the spell’s name. with his right hand he grabbed out the 8 scrolls that were in there. Reviewing the arcane names scribed on the out side, he placed 7 of them back in and again wiping he index figure across his palm and crossing the words on the case left to right.

Leaving the room, and relocking it, Glavace, headed back to his ruined office, he took the time to replace the rug. And then left.

“You, Tell Neptunius to straighten up my Study,” He command a young servant that happened to be passing “had have some one get a Horse ready for me with in the hour, I need to be leavening”

“hum, sire” the small boy tired not sounding to frighted
“Yes, what is it” Glavace still not in the best moods was already half way down the hall
“Sire, your hand” the boy paused “it is bleeding quite well, shall I send for a cleric?”

“No, I will be fine.” Casting a quick spell, causing some dust to rise, “thank you though, it was a nice thought” and turning he sped up to his chambers to ready himself.

Heading out, he handed Rasputyn a few letters
“Get these to the Squires”

then got on he Horse and head a way, still rushed.
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Postby Sarekonna » Tue Jun 24, 2003 2:09 pm

Hearing a knock at the door, Sarekonna glanced in its direction as she was packing the last of her belongings into a small bag. Leave it. Sarekonna went back to packing. A few moments later another knock was heard. Again Sarekonna looked at the door a mix of emotions crossing her face. There was a sigh deep inside her and she felt herself slipping further away as she drew herself up to answer the intrusion. “Enter.”

Crispian and Azaeli entered the room. Crispian bowing slightly to Sarekonna in greeting as he looked around at the bareness of the room and bags packed by the door. Azaeli stopped short as she entered clearly shocked. “Sarekonna?” she asked hesitantly.

Sarekonna eyed them both coldly as Kasseltop chirped nervously from his stand by the window. “Yes?”

Azaeli paused dumbstruck, “Wh-“ she frowned turning to look at Crispian.

“Where do you plan to go Sarekonna?” Crispian asked calmly as he surveyed the surroundings.

Sarekonna lifted her chin slightly before answering. She knew this was where she would meet resistance. She felt something cold inside her pressing her onward and she felt less and less willing to fight. “I must return home.” She answered firmly.

“You are Home Lady” Crispian answered her as Azaeli nodded her head in agreement.

Sarekonna paused a moment a pained expression crossing her face that quickly turned cold. “Nay, this is not a home.”

Azaeli finally found her voice, “Yes it is, Sarekonna, you have people here that love you dearly.”

Crispian’s expression grew fierce but he kept his voice calm as he leaned his back against the door. “Aye, it is Lady.”

Sarekonna shook her head, "Nay, I am lied to and deceived here and my family needs me"

Shaking her head Azaeli said, “No, Sarekonna, that isn't true. WE care for you here."

"Sarekonna, you are my pledged Lady...I would not lie to you" Sarekonna heard Crispian and tried to react but she felt a coldness sweeping over her mind. She was losing all ability to think as a wave of confusion washed over her.

Maeva knew she was going further than she should but now was the time if she was going to get Sarekonna home that she needed to act. Pulling herself up she fixed the other two occupants in the room with cold stares hoping to dismiss them both from the room. “We do not wish to discuss this any further.” She felt Sarekonna’s mind pushing back and she sat in a nearby chair as she waged a battle with the girl. She did not have the strength of Maeva and her sisters combined though and would not be able to win.

Crispian’s face hardened as he drew himself up. “Oh yes, WE do.” He answered. Startled by his tone, Azaeli cast him a worried glance.

“We?” she asked hesitantly.

Sarekonna’s eyes narrowed as Maeva regarded him. He was definitely going to be the problem in this situation she could make that out right now.

“Lady, if you wish to play station to station I can, and will” His gray eyes were cold and hard now as they regarded Sarekonna. Sarekonna saw the look and closed her eyes tightly clenching her fists trying to fight her way back. It was unacceptable to her that her Lord would address her so and she fought for control to make amends but she was pushed down quickly despite the warmth she felt as Azaeli approached taking her hand to offer comfort and whisper soothing words. “Well Lady?” he demanded, “which shall it be?”

Sarekonna opened her eyes and smiled though her expression remained cool. “Friends of course m’lord. What is it you need?”

Crispian and Azaeli exchanged cautious glances not trusting this sudden shift but Crispian proceeded with the plan. They needed to act swiftly if there was to be hope for Cerrick. “Your word and bond of Honor upon your House Name, but only on one thing" he paused gauging her reaction. Sarekonna was shaking her head and tears were slipping out her eyes. She fought the woman who was about to give her word so freely and then break it. Maeva tried to sooth Sarekonna as she spoke quickly, “You have it, of course.”

Crispian had not been finished with his statement and continued, “That you shall accompany Lady Azaeli Hammerfel, in peace and without protest, into retreat as,” he paused again swallowing hating to say his next word, “hostage"

Azaeli squeezed Sarekonna’s hand as he said it and Sarekonna jerked her hand away. “What?” both she and Maeva were shocked by this turn. One hurt and one furious at the prospect. She stood and began backing away but then stopped suddenly pausing as if she were listening to something.

Azaeli spoke quickly “For your own safety, Please”

Crispian nodded slowly, “Tis an honorable tradition among feuding houses, Lady, and he who claim false Patronage of you holds a Knight of Mine”

Maeva cursed, she did not want Sarekonna to know this and she struggled to blank that from her.

“For your own protection Sarekonna,” Azaeli pleaded with Sarekonna not wanting this to become more difficult than it already was, “and for that of your house.”

"There can be no other solution right now Lady" Crispian added to Azaeili’s comment.

Sarekonna seemed to relax as the struggle within her ended and she gave control over. Maeva smiled as her sisters worked to keep Sarekonna contained and she could now turn her focus to the young lord in front of her. A pity there was not some way to bring him along as well as she knew that was who her husband really wanted to get his hands on. Right now though, she needed to prevent Sarekonna’s imprisonment. “No.” she stated firmly.

Crispian sighed resigning himself. “Ask your Father's wife to reconsider. NOW!"

“What? Who?" Azaeli asked startled as she turned frowning to Crispian.

"She is under mind magic....but Raithas is no caster, is he Sarekonna?"

Sarekonna turned cold eyes that had taken on an unnatural look towards Crispian. “She will not go further away from us willingly if you wish to take her then take her but she will try to escape...let her see how you love her”

Tears sprung to Azaeli’s eyes as she reached out grasping Sarekonnas shoulders, “Sarekonna, I know you're in there! You can fight this. You're stronger than they."

As he watched Azaeli try to call Sarekonna back out Crispian continued speaking, “Hear me Raithas, and whomever else…...I shall oppose you in this! As will all the League, and All of Albion"

Sarekonna laughed bitterly, “You will lose her either way for if we do not get her back she will not live"

Azaeli shook Sarekonna slightly “Sara, you're as a sister to me. Fight this for me, for the League who loves you dearly! Please!"

Crispian shook his head slowly, “No, you are wrong. She will live, and prosper and you will wither and die" he reached down taking Azaeli’s free hand holding it tightly, “For we are strong in your opposition"

As he spoke he reached out with his free hand pressing a small orb into Sarekonna’s hand. Her fingers clung to it tightly her knuckles growing white around it. She seemed not to notice it otherwise.

“Say what you like but she is not of your realm and belongs with us. Give us what is ours and we will give back what you have lost." Maeva decided to try negotiation before she resorted to her final plan but the two reacted so fiercely and in unison.
"Horrid, spiteful witch! She NEVER belonged to you, and never WILL!" Azaeli shot out.

"Her Mother is! YOU are not all of her blood! The Blood of Albion Calls to her!" Crispian’s fist clenched in exasperation.

"She knows love here such that Midgard hearts couldn't think to understand and all of us will fight to our bloody deaths rather than see her in your hands!" Azaeli continued.

Crispian grew cold and calm, "You will not Win, Lord, for she will never be fully yours, and you cannot force her!" Steadied by his tone, Azaeli squeezed Crispian’s hand.

Maeva regarded the two through Sarekonna’s eyes and wanted to laugh. She now began to understand Raithas’ infatuation with this people. This one needed to be dealt with now though and she would need to ease her hold on Sarekonna for a moment to prepare.

“You assume much,” she informed them, “I am done speaking.”

Unsure of what else to do, Azaeli drew Sarekonna into an embrace. Sarekonna stood rigidly a moment before gasping and then breaking into sobs as she held onto her. Holding her close, Azaeli whispered, “Shh now, it's over for now.” She looked at Crispian with tired eyes and then at the door. He caught her look and nodded clearly shaken by the exchange. Azaeli lifted Sarekonna’s chin looking into her eyes for a sign of recognition. She could see a flurry of emotions and knew that a struggle was still occurring. Hugging her close she whispered to Sarekonna words of strength urging her to fight.

Crispian also moved close to the two. “Fight it Sarekonna, fight my Lady”

“You are stronger than she” Azaeli said.

“and we love you more.” Crispian concluded.

Sarekonna sunk to the floor her hand still clutching the orb tightly. “I can’t. I can’t anymore.” She whispered. Her mind had always been the only thing that was truly hers and as she felt it slipping away her will also went. Azaeli sank with her still holding her.

Crispian began racking his mind for things to keep her at the surface. “Sarekonna, remember your Knighting. Remember our vows to each other, you are my vassal, and I your Lord....and your friend...and I choice to love you Sarekonna.”

Sarekonna looked at Crispian trying to say something but she was stopped her voice catching and she inhaled sharply. Crispian nodded to her willing her to fight it as he kept eye contact with her. Sarekonna felt the presence pressing in on her again trying to take her back over. “No” she whispered as she tried to push it back down. She knew she was about to attack them. “m’lord stop me!” she cried as she gasped in pain. Crispian reached out grasping the hand that was still firmly clenching the orb. Squeezing her hand around it. “Hold firm Lady, hold true.” Between the extra touch and Azaeli’s embrace somewhere Sarekonna found the power to push back and Maeva knew she needed to act quickly against the young Lord or they would lose Sarekonna.

“Fight Sare, for you, for Herumor, and for Cerrick.” He urged.

“We love you truly and dearly, we love you well, fight it for your own happiness" Azaeli hugged her tighter.

Maeva frowned to herself. She never should have given up any control over Sarekonna though it made the preparations for what she was about to do much quicker. She fought now with her sisters to reclaim her. Finally with a very tenuous hold she smiled at Crispian and Azaeli. “Fine, take me where ever you like.”

She made her first attack on Crispian. He staggered slightly, but no one seemed to notice. Azaeli’s attention was on the sudden change in Sarekonna. “Get AWAY from her!” she cried raising her hand to strike her stopping just short.

Sarekonna continued to smile, “Is this not what you want? Take me, I am peaceful.”

Azaeli turned to Crispian and noticed for the first time something was wrong. He appeared to be struggling for breath. “Crispian?!” suddenly alarmed by this new turn she went to him.

Sarekonna smiled and sweetly asked, “M’lord? Are you well?”

Crispian nodded firmly to Sarekonna as he turned to Azaeli trying to speak as he gasped for breath his chest heaving. Azaeli clasped his shoulders “Crispian! What is it?”

Panting for breath he croaked out “I don....don' god.. Je...." he closed his eyes.

Soon Maeva would have Sarekonna quietly slip from the room and be on her way. She just needed to make sure the woman’s attention was fully on the man. Sarekonna took a step back her expression blank. Azaeli screamed “STOP IT! Please stop! Crispian!”

Crispian opened his eyes searching for the one person in the room who could help him. Locking eyes with Sarekonna he said “She's in my....stop her....."

Not realizing he was speaking to Sarekonna Azaeli looked from one to the other in horror and panic.

Crispian’s words reached Sarekonna and she finally found a barrier to raise against the intrusion. Attacking her mind was one thing but her Lord’s? No! She sank to her knees squeezing her eyes shut as she dug her hands into the folds of her robe. Crispian continued to gasp his jaw working hard as sweat dripped from him, his eyes wide.

Sarekonna made her way to Crispian fighting of the presence pushing it down beating it away from her. She gained strength both from the orb in her hand and the determination that Crispian would not suffer due to her. She felt the bonds in her mind begin to snap as she placed her hands on Crispian’s chest searching for the pain preparing to expel it from his body. “NO!” she screamed as she fought off another surge.

Azaeli rushed to the table picking up a candlestick. “Lord, forgive me, Sarekonna forgive me!” She closed her eyes and smacked Sarekonna hard on the head with it. Sarekonna slumped to the floor the small orb slipping out of her hand and rolling under her bed. Kasseltop wailed angrily as he paced back and forth on his stand.

His throat working hard Crispian rasped out “Az....Jashen...succeeds” then he too slipped into unconsciousness.
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Postby Sarekonna » Wed Jun 25, 2003 9:53 am

“NO!” Azaeli cried as she dropped to her knees next to Crispian. “Crispian!” she slapped his face trying to rouse him but his head rolled limply. Reluctantly, she placed her fingers on his throat relieve to feel a slow weak pulse. Saying a silent prayer, she stood moving to Sarekonna and dragging her onto her bed. “I’m so sorry, Sarekonna.” She said as tears ran down her cheeks.

Tannir suddenly burst into the room having been summoned some time ago. He was out of breath as he looked around and then froze.

“Oh Tannir,” Azaeli broke into sobs, “get Shandri.”

Tannir nodded leaning out the door he yelled “Shandri!”

Hesitantly Shandri opened her door. “Did someone call me?” she asked. If it had not sounded like Tannir she would not have even answered she felt so miserable.

“Aye! We need you in Sarekonna’s room!” he shouted. Turning back to Crispian Tannir bent and lifted him almost effortlessly.

Shaking of her mood, Shandri rushed to the room where Azaeli confronted her. “Shandri, Crispian said you drugged her?” Just then Sarekonna moaned softly and Azaeli shot her a fearful glance. Please don’t wake up now she thought. Vexed by Shandri’s hesitation she spoke sharply “Answer me!”

Shandri bowed her head in shame, “Aye I did. I didn’t know what else to do.”

"Quickly, do you have any more?" Azaeli asked.

Looking up startled Shandri answered “In my room.”

“Get it!” Azaeli shot another nervous look to the bed as Sarekonna stirred.
Crispian sucked in a violent breath suddenly and vomited. Tannir continued to hold him carefully. “Lord?” he asked hopefully.

Shandri rushed back in with a packet of tea. “The healer gave it to me to help me sleep when I have nightmares" she began to explain.

“Quickly give it to her” Azaeli said as she ushered Shandri to Sarekonna’s bed side.

Crispian gasped. Through his fog it dawned on him what they were doing. “Nnnnn..” he tried to speak but couldn’t, then finally “No..” he coughed violently from the effort.

Azaeli paused turning to him. “Crispian? Wait Shandri.” Shandri hesitated unsure of what she should do as she watched on.

Crispian nodded his head looking a bit off center. His eyes were unfocused and he still fought for his breath. “Sawekonna tried…” he swallowed and bit his lip as he tried to concentrate on his words, “to hep” he said.

“Help?” Azaeli asked frowning. “It didn’t look that way to me.” She glanced at Sarekonna on the bed as Shandri looked on bewildered unsure what she should do.

Crispian struggled to explain more as he gasped for air, “the magic”

Azaeli cut him off, “What WAS that Crispian?”

His jaw clenched and he worked it open, “it was attacking my” he stopped panting a moment “heawt”

“Through her it was, I saw it myself.” Azaeli answered firmly as she looked again at Sarekonna stirring on the bed.

“No” Crispian shook his head trying to explain as Shandri took out her lute and began to play. She was at a loss as to what else she could do right now. “Rathwas” Crispian gasped out.

Azaeli shook her head, “Impossible…how could he?”

Crispian wasn’t sure here, and he shook his head. “object?” he suggested.

“What?” Azaeli croaked. She looked at Tannir thoroughly confused.

“Could an object hold some enchantment Lady?” he asked tentatively.

“Of course,” Azaeli answered, “but what?”

“Something she brought from Midgard with her?” Azaeli blinked at Tannir.
“Well that makes sense doesn’t it?” She turned to Shandri, “I think you should. So we can search her. How long will it last?”

Shandri was startled by the sudden attention. “Me?” she squeaked unsure what Azaeli was asking at this point.

“The drug I mean, yes, or show me how to” Azaeli answered, “Quickly Shandri!” she became more urgent as Sarekonna moaned softly again her hands moving to her head.

“All I need is h-hot water…it’s a tea.” She stammered.

Crispian swallowed hard, “Becawfuw” he didn’t like the turn of events but in his current condition there was not much he could do and he slumped back.

Azaeli cursed and fled the room racing to the kitchens. She knew she would be the fastest in fetching the hot water.

Sarekonna started turning over a sharp pain in her head halting her progress. “oh…” She squeezed her eyes shut as her fingers found the back of her head. Leaving Crispian, Tannir approached her speaking to her calmly. “Lady?”

Shandri also went to her speaking soothing words until Azaeli burst through the door. “Stay away from her!” she cried in a panic. She thrust the cup into Shandri’s hand, “Quickly!”

Tannir stepped back sliding a small dagger into his boot. “Is that for the potion?”

Sarekonna blinked again moaning as she started to realize the commotion around her. Shandri was dumping the contents of a tea into a mug and Sarekonna remembered that was bad. She didn’t understand why all these people were in her room tormenting her. “Leave me alone.” She sobbed.

“It’s ready.” She heard Shandri say and panic set in.

“Get out!” she cried.

“No Lady we can’t” Tannir answered her.

Azaeli looked flustered but Shandri knew how to handle this. “If you can hold her I should be able to get it into her.” She was determined to get this over. Azaeli nodded to Shandri and quickly took hold of Sarekonna holding her tight. Sarekonna didn’t understand. Maeva allowed her just enough to know that her friends were attacking her, but not why. She looked at Shandri. “No! I hate you!” she cried.

Shandri took a bracing breath flinching at the words. “It’s alright Shandri” Azaeli encouraged her.
Sarekonna screamed. “Let me go!” She twisted her head as Shandri reached out for her forcing her mouth open. Burning liquid flowed down her throat and when Shandri released her, she spit out what she could.

“Sarekonna, we love you, this is for your good.” Azaeli tried to reach her again but Sarekonna heard nothing as she struggled in her grasp. Tears streamed down her face and varied emotions played across all their faces none of them liking what was going on.

“NO I HATE YOU!” Sarekonna said then screamed as sobs racked her body. Azaeli continued to whisper words of love to her as Shandri moved away her head bowed. It was the second time in three days that Shandri had drugged Sarekonna “for her own good” but she felt awful recalling her own abusive past.

“I can’t do that again…I just can’t” Shandri cried. Tannir moved over to her giving comfort as he watched Sarekonna. Azaeli was gently rocking her as she her struggles grew less and less until finally her head fell back against Azaeli’s shoulder. “I won’t drug her again.” Shandri said in a firm voice as Tannir stroked her hair.

“I pray there won’t be a need.” Azaeli answered lowering Sarekonna to her bed and gently brushing the hair from her face kissing her on the cheek.

Tannir stood and moved back to Crispian. “Let me settle Lord Crispian to bed.” Again he lifted Crispian into his arms.

“Make sure he sleeps on his side or stomach Tannir” Azaeli said still concerned over what magic he had been attacked with.

“I’ll not leave him Lady” Tannir stated.

Azaeli nodded blankly turning to Shandri. “Shandri, I’ll need help here.”

Shandri smiled weakly, “Of course Lady, I’ll do what I can.”

“How long will it last?” Azaeli asked as she looked over Sarekonna.

"It-it should last the always lets me sleep through my ....dreams" Shandri answered.

“Forgive me Ladies” Tannir said as he adjusted Crispian making ready to leave.

“Watch him well, dear Tannir” Azaeli tried to smile.

“Of course Lady” Tannir nodded to Azaeli and smiled shyly at Shandri as he left the room.

Azaeli closed the door behind him rolling up her sleeves as she turned. “Now,” she said with determination, “we search.”

Shandri took a deep breath “What exactly are we looking for?”

“I think we’ll know it when we see it, the usual places rings, bracelets, necklaces.” Azaeli paused kneeling at Sarekonna’s side and praying.

Shandri flushed as she began removing Sarekonna’s shoes. The two began removing items of clothing searching for anything that might be foreign. Shandri shook her head stepping back and Azaeli paused giving her a look. “I’m sorry lady, this stirs bad memories for me.”

Azaeli held her hand out a moment a look of compassion crossing her face. “You’re safe here I promise” she smiled softly.

“I know it’s for her own good,” Shandri continued, “but I dislike it greatly.”

Azaeli nodded. “So do I and if there were any other way I’d gladly take it.”

Shandri nodded as she continued her search. “I know I just hope she can forgive us when this is over.”

Azaeli nodded thoughtfully as she ran her fingers along Sarekonna’s ear pausing as she felt something. Brushing her hair away she gasped as she tilted Sarekonna’s head sideways. “On her ear! Se the cuff?” A glint of gold shined in the candlelight.

“Aye! I never noticed it before!” Shandri exclaimed.

“Nor did I, it’s cleverly hidden.” Azaeli leaned over to look closer. “That’s it, a symbol of Eir. Do you see it?”

Shandri peered closely, “Aye, you are right Lady, that must be it!”

Azaeli sat for a moment staring at the small gold clip weighing the options of what to do in her mind. Finally she tentatively reached out a hand. “Go stand near the door please Shandri, if anything happens, go and get Tobyas.” As Shandri moved towards the door Azaeli reached out a quickly plucked the cuff from Sarekonna’s ear. Shandri flinched as if expecting the worst and Azaeli winced as she tossed it between hands gasping slightly. Sarekonna cried out in her sleep arching her back, she took a shuddering breath then fell completely still. Azaeli looked at the small object sizzling slightly in her hand before turning cool. She watched Sarekonna closely stroking the hair from her forehead. “All night you say?”

“Aye, it worked all night the last time I gave it to her.” Shandri nodded. “Is she alright?”

Nodding Azaeli stood. She wanting to check on Crispian and she had much to do if she wanted Sarekonna to reach Lord Adribard’s retreat by morning. Heading for the door she asked Shandri to see if she could find Tashtego and she headed for Crispian’s room.
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Postby Sarekonna » Thu Jun 26, 2003 5:53 am

Maeva paced the small room nervously. She had gone too far and she needed a way out. She knew better than to try and keep this incident for Raithas. He would learn of it. She needed to alter it to her suite her.

Raithas entered the room and Maeva rushed him bursting into tears as she went. “Oh! Darling! It’s terrible!” she sobbed.

“What? What is it?” he asked folding her in an embrace.

“It…It’s Sarekonna.” She sobbed.

Placing his hands on her shoulders he stepped back his expression darkening. “What happened?” he asked sternly.

“They…they were attacking her…I had no choice.” She slipped a look in his direction to see how he was reacting to her speech.

“Maeva! Tell me what happened!” Raithas was enraged now and losing patience.

Blurting out the story she had been working on, Maeva rushed her words, “That..that Crispian! He was going to imprison her! They were hurting her, so I tried to help her. I took over and I tried to stop him. She’s not as powerful as I am so I thought I could help.”

Raithas nodded, as he started pacing the room. “Then what?” he said waiting.

Exhaling a shaky breath she continued, “Then they struck her, and all went black. I’ve yet to regain a link.”

“He will pay for this by Odin, I want the Lord of St. Crispin’s League in my possession.” He stormed from the room and Maeva sighed in relief. It had worked. No matter what he heard now he would believe the story she had just told him. She wanted that Lord as well. He had almost cost her the spell over Sarekonna. Attacking him had been a mistake and the girl had almost found the power to break free of the spell for her Liege Lord. Had it not been for the woman she would have been lost.
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Postby LordRaithasWolfe » Thu Jun 26, 2003 9:41 am

“CERRICK!” Cerrick jerked awake and struggled to get up. His hands were bound firmly behind his back making the task difficult. He blinked his eyes trying to adjust to the light, searching the shadows it cast for his tormentor. His arms burned but it was a relief compared to the pain he felt when hanging. He would avoid that for as long as possible.

Raithas stood at the corner of the cell his arms crossed across his chest as he watched the Paladin struggling to become upright. This was going to be a rough day for the boy. He had made the lessons easy the last few days, but with the news of Sarekonna, Raithas was in no mood for easy. He was in the mood for slow and painful. Reaching down to Cerrick he grasped him around the back of the neck helping him up into a sitting position. “Good” he said simply as he held a cup of water to Cerrick’s lips. Cerrick drank it greedily wondering when he had been allowed water last. “You did well yesterday” Raithas said in simple explanation. He broke of a crust of bread and pushed it into Cerrick’s mouth. Cerrick just held it in his mouth a moment as if he was unsure what to do with it before slowly chewing and swallowing it. He burned with humiliation at this, but he was starving and he would keep what strength he could incase an opportunity should provide itself. Raithas continued like this for several minutes feeding Cerrick from his own hand and holding the cup up for him to drink. Cerrick needed to learn the results of good behavior and cooperation. Finally finished, he stood back up ruffling Cerrick’s hair before going to the center of the room. He pulled on the chains he would use to once again suspend Cerrick from the ceiling. Cerrick let out a moan of protest as he realized what was coming. “I want your name today Cerrick. Give me your name, and there’s no reason for you to go up.” Raithas grinned as Cerrick found new strength and began struggling on the ground. Raithas yanked the chains further down making sure that they rattled loudly.

Soon a guard entered the cell pulling a large bucket full of wet leather straps. Good timing Raithas thought. “Give me a hand here.” He barked throwing the small key to the guard that would free Cerrick’s hands. Grumbling to himself the guard roughly rolled Cerrick over on his stomach and freed him. Cerrick’s arms fell to his side limp and the guard rolled him back over. Cerrick’s fist shot out like lightening catching the guard across the nose. Blood gushed everywhere as Cerrick landed a second punch across the face. Raithas barked out a laugh at the defiance then called for more guards. Soon two more guards had entered the cell and wrestled Cerrick into his new chains then hoisting him up several inches off the ground. Raithas paused as the two guards dragged the third guard from the room. He grinned amazed that the boy could take out a guard even in his current condition. “That,” he stated matter-of-factly, “was bad.” Cerrick renewed his struggles twisting in the air as he did so. Raithas reached out a hand to steady him then trailed a finger along a new bruise that was starting to color Cerrick’s jaw. Cerrick jerked his head away this recent battle giving him new energy to resist.

Raithas wondered how eager he’d be to resist in a few hours when his ribs began to crack. With that thought, he began securing the wet leather snugly around Cerrick.
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Postby Sarekonna » Fri Jun 27, 2003 9:12 am

Sarekonna rolled onto her side moaning softly as consciousness assailed her. Carefully she sat up as a wave of nausea rolled over her. Her hand probed the back of her head carefully and she winced in pain. Her hair was matted together by something sticky, she tried to think back on what had caused this.

A girl who had been dozing in the corner suddenly jerked awake jumping to her feet and squealing as she fled the room. She paused pulling the heavy door behind her and Sarekonna heard a latch was slamming into place. Odd, she thought. What was going on? Then suddenly she panicked. Was she in Midgard? The suffocating presence she had felt lately was gone.

Fighting down a wave of nausea at her sudden movement she went to the door trying the handle and finding herself locked in. Then she paused. There was something familiar about this room. It certainly lacked the elegance of the Midgard rooms. She looked around. The room was barren there hadn’t even been a proper bed. Just a cushion on the floor and some blankets. She looked at a second door in the room and moved slowly towards it. It too was locked, but, suddenly it dawned on her. This was her nurse’s room. Her own room lay beyond that door. She went to a narrow window and peered out. She saw the Marsh below and knew that somehow she had come to Lord Adribard’s Retreat.

She carefully lowered herself to the cushion on the floor and poked at the back of her head some more as she thought. She was at Lord Adribard’s Retreat, but why was she in Emmy’s room and not her own? She longed to pass through that door and back to the comfort of her childhood room. She sighed as she leaned against the wall still holding her head. It hurt. What had happened? She pulled her legs up close to her as she adjusted her night shift over knees. She had nothing to do but wait.
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Postby Sarekonna » Sun Jun 29, 2003 8:37 am

“Sara?” Sarekonna’s eyes flew open at the intrusion on her thoughts. She looked up to see Magus Edaev standing over her. She gave him a weak smile and he reached down to her pulling her up into a fierce embrace. “Sara,” he said, “You should have told me something was wrong. I would have helped you.”

Sarekonna dug her fists into the folds of his robes, in much the same manner as she had done as a child when upset. Her body shook as she buried her face into his shoulder. Carefully he sat with her on the make shift bed he had arranged and just held her while she cried. Finally, getting herself together she looked up at him a questioning look in her eye. He sighed regretting what he would have to tell her. “I don’t know how I got here.” She said quietly.

“You were brought here late last night Sara, by Lord Tashtego and Lady Azaeli.” Sarekonna frowned not understanding and shook her head slightly, “Sara, your father has captured Cerrick and you tried to attack Lord Crispian last night.”

Sarekonna gasped pushing away stunned doubly by the news. “No!” she cried. She didn’t know what subject to address first as she searched Edaev’s eyes though knowing he would never lie to her. “I attacked Lord Crispian?” she finally asked still unbelieving.

“Aye, that is what I was told. They came to ask you to come here willingly and you would not.” Sarekonna shook her head unwilling to believe it.

“And..and Cerrick?” she asked. She began feeling an unwelcome clawing in her mind. She pressed back wanting to keep hold of herself just a bit longer.

“Yes, he was captured some how by Lord Raithas who demands you be turned over in exchange.” He looked down at her a soft expression on his face as he touched her hand in comfort.

Sarekonna’s eyes flashed. “Then what am I doing here? Turn me over. Why should anyone else suffer because of me?” She sprung to her feet waiting for the argument from Edaev she knew would come. Magus Edaev got to his feet as well. She heard a whisper in her head Yes, come home. She pushed it back again as she faced Edaev.

“No, you know better. We would never turn you over to Midgard. We will get young Cerrick back another way.” He reached out to brush a stray lock from her face but she flinched away.

“You would not be turning me over! I want to go. I demand you return me home to my father!” Sarekonna shivered inwardly at the words. She never thought she would speak those of her own free will, but she could not let the League continue to suffer because of her. She deserved far worse than this for attacking anyone of her own realm, never mind…she stopped herself not wanting to think of that. She deserved worse and that was enough.

“No Sara” he said turning his back. “You will not be going anywhere for quite some time.”

Sarekonna felt a surge in her mind she was unable to push away. She raised her hand as Edaev spun lifting his own hand and freezing Sarekonna where she stood. “Do NOT try to use her against me!” he snarled.

“Free her or I shall kill her!” Sarekonna spat out at him. Edaev ignored her leaving the room. His heart sank in misery as he left. He had dared to hope that perhaps she broken the connection on her own. He slammed the door shut behind him hoping to drive home that she was going no where.

As the door slammed the spell broke and Sarekonna lunged at it. Her hands banged against it and she screamed in outrage. She smiled coldly as she noticed blood trickling down her arm, and she continued to beat her hands against the door. Finally growing bored, Maeva receded leaving Sarekonna to herself again. She wouldn’t go far though, she wanted to be prepared should anyone enter. Exhausted, Sarekonna sank to the floor. She stared uncaring at the blood covering her arms. Sighing heavily she laid her head on the floor right where she was. She did not even have the energy to move to where the blankets were in the corner. She thought about what Edaev had said about Crispian. Again her mind rebelled at the idea but if Tashtego had brought her here and left her, it must be true. Surly there would be no other reason that he would do that. She closed her eyes but she could not sleep. Finally opening her eyes she stared at the ceiling reminding herself that she deserved worse for attacking Crispian. Slowly she pushed all thoughts out of her mind until she was blankly staring and unaware of her surroundings.
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Postby LordRaithasWolfe » Sun Jun 29, 2003 8:51 am

The cell door clanked open and the small room was flooded in light. Cerrick moaned his head rolling back on his shoulders and he started muttering prayers to his one God. Raithas leaned against the wall folding his arms across his chest. Grim faced, he considered his options. He had pushed too hard and he had to accept that Cerrick would not break on this issue - yet. He needed to go back to smaller things and gradually work Cerrick up to this final submission.

Pushing himself off the wall he approached Cerrick and examining him with a morbid fascination where the straps were cutting into him. Cerrick was taking short shallow breaths and Raithas knew he was having a difficult time breathing. Reaching up he took a handful of Cerrick’s hair. Cerrick tried to yank away but Raithas held him steady whispering into his ear. “We’re done today Cerrick.” Cerrick visibly relaxed. It was a small victory but Raithas would take it. Cerrick had learned to trust his word and that was an important part in the game he was playing. “Tomorrow you will see the healer then we will start again. Understand?” Cerrick mumbled something incoherently and Raithas repeated the statement until Cerrick was able to croaked out an affirmative relply.

Raithas then pulled out his dagger and carefully started cutting Cerrick free from the bindings. He ran his fingers across a particularly bad looking spot and wondered briefly if he could wait for the morning to be healed. He shook his head. He had said that was what would happen so he would have to wait. He was not even a quarter of the way done when he heard a commotion of people approaching. Maeva burst into the room several people hovering about just outside.

“Raithas!” she cried as he turned towards the entrance. “Albs are coming we have to leave at once!”

“What?!” he shouted, “Leave? Why leave?” He had never abandoned a keep and he was not about to start now.

“The force is too large” she cried. She threw Cerrick a hateful look. “While you’ve been playing with your toy, they have been massing against us. Our force is not here now. We must rally with them and come back!” She took a breath then indicating Cerrick she said, “Kill him now and let’s go!”

Raithas cursed. She was right he had not been paying attention to the business of the realm as he should have been. He should have been prepared for this. It infuriated him to leave the keep however but they would be sorry when he returned.

“Fine!” he said as he took his cloak from Maeva. “Let’s go”

Maeva waited looking surprised as Raithas made to leave the cell. “Are you not going to kill him?” she asked. “He’ll be rescued if you don’t.”

Raithas looked back at Cerrick frowning. He was unwilling to kill this one for some reason and he would not be forced into it. Especially by that pig who had brought him here. “He does not die.” He said flatly. “He’s mine and I will reclaim him when we return.” He gave a look that no one dared argue with as he took the torch leaving the small room to prepare to evacuate.
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Postby Azi » Sun Jun 29, 2003 9:13 am

Azaeli swung her mace hard, hitting the wooden gate with a resounding crack that was absorbed by the commotion of battle around her. Beside her, the ram swung hard and crashed into the door, causing the wood to splinter and crack. On the other side of the ram, Crispian stood ready, his back to the door as he scanned the hillside for approaching defenders.

"The foe comes!" He shouted hoarsely. Azaeli deftly sheathed her mace and drew out her battle axe, turning to face the rush of Midgard jarls. Beside her, the ram thudded again, splinters of wood flew through the air. The battle was deafening. Arrows whizzed past her, skimming her barrel helm as she landed a heavy slice through the mail of her opponent. A chant of healing flew from her lips as second nature as her leg was sliced, and she swung again to see the jarl fall lifeless to the ground. Another resounding CRACK and the doors flew open.

"GET THE RAMS UP!" She heard Crispian bellow through the clash of heavy battle. The air crackled with magic as Midgard's hammers rained down upon them. The last of the jarls fell, and Azaeli drew out her heavy mace again to rush the second door. "REMEMBER YOUR SQUADS! FORM UP!" Crispian cried in a flash of blue and white as he put his weight behind his sheild and bashed at the door. "WE'RE ALMOST THROUGH!" Azaeli's heart thudded in her chest. Thier goal was in sight. Just beyond this door was her squire. Crispian's eyes locked with hers for a moment, and they nodded to each other reassuringly. Under her breath she said a prayer that all would go smoothly. His larger squad would head directly to the keep lord. She felt her own squad form up behind her and began calling out orders.

"FORM TO THE LEFT!" She cried, "WE DON'T STOP UNTIL WE REACH THE DUNGEON!" The doors gave a heaving crack, then flew open. "NOW!" She rushed through the door with the squad on her heels, and ran to the left toward the dungeons.
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