From the "Sarsin is an Ass" Department....

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From the "Sarsin is an Ass" Department....

Postby Sarsin » Thu Mar 20, 2008 2:06 pm

So I'm minding my own business working when I get a call on my cell phone:

IVR: "Did you know that the warranty on your car is about to expire? This could lead to costly repairs! Press 1 to talk to a specialist that can quote you a price on a new warranty for your car!"
Me: <presses 1>
Agent: Thank you for choosing to talk about your warranty needs! Can I have your name please?
Me: Are.....are you following me?
Agent: Excuse me?
Me: knew that my car warranty was going to expire! Your not with the CIA are you?!
Agent: No sir, I'm with...
Me: Good, good! The CIA is after me for my secret cake recipe. People can't stop eating it! They want to sends cakes to Afghanistan to give Bin Ladan diabetes!
Agent:....Um sir? Can I....
Me: If you want to talk about my car, come to the Hotel 6 on Main street at six thirty-four. COME ALONE. I'll be in the room with the pink tablecloth in the window. <hangs up>

I figure if they are going to waste my time calling me, it might as well be entertaining. :twisted:
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Re: From the "Sarsin is an Ass" Department....

Postby Ishish » Fri Mar 21, 2008 7:45 am

Make sure you keep an eye on the sky for those black helicopters.
They watch me all the time....
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