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am in boring class, Help!

PostPosted: Fri Sep 19, 2008 9:33 am
by Aeneis2009
I wish the servers would come back up, so i can at least play in this boring class. Im in computer and internet literacy class....really...I am. My school doesnt let you klep out of it, how ridicolous is that. If you are online and board, what kind of expansions are you thinking they will make? what would you be looking forward to? I think they may have written themselves into a corner, with the way the game is setup. How would they setup naggaroth, if the darkelves are already all over ulthuan? They may actually have to just advance the storyline to add new zones, and since they have it set up that all zones are RVR, how is that going to work.
They need to add the knight of the blazing sun, and the DE tank.
I would also like to see skaven, lizardmen and vampire counts/tomb kings as playable races, then they could make it 3 way like DAOC was. Adding a 3rd faction neutral faction would make the game a bit more naturally ballenced.
oh yeah, and brettonians would be right at home in the league