Sarsin's Random Thoughts: Haunted Houses

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Sarsin's Random Thoughts: Haunted Houses

Postby Sarsin » Wed Sep 24, 2008 11:07 am

So I'm watching "Haunted" on Discovery while I'm working. It's telling a story of a house that has a portal opened to "the other side" so to speak that lets demons in. After an hour of story of how this demonic presence screws them all up and terrorized them, they up and leave. And in the ending, it points out that they sold the damn house.

Seriously? If you believe in that, how in the devil could you sell that house to someone? "Yes, this is a great house. New carpet, fresh paint, it's in a great location, and there is no way that there is a demonic presence in the house that will consume your soul. No possible way that's taking place."
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